Friday, January 1, 2010

The Annual Roach Year End Review

What a blessing this year has been for the Roach's. Here is my annual recap on my blog. In January we celebrated daughter turning 4. She has really turned into her own person this year. She is far more independent then her brother. She has clear likes and dislikes. She is all drama but is tougher then any boy her age. She fights like boy and cries like a girl.

In February, we got to take the kids to the circus and husband had a weekend away in Auburn. I also ran my second 5k race and blogged how I hoped to run the half marathon one day. I will get to run that half marathon this February. (Lord Willing!)

In March, we got snow again!! The kids loved the white stuff. And in the same month we went to the beach for Spring Break. I also bit the bullet and let son ride the school bus. How would I make it without the bus this year?

In April, we had Easter at my sister's house. We were in full swing of baseball and I promise their is nothing better then watching your son play ball. There was the women's retreat with Bre, slime night, and Pooh got tubes again.

In May, I took husband to a Kenny Chesney concert. We got to visit with Brian and Summer and Shane and Jaclyn. Daughter danced in her first dance recital and son had an awesome baseball year. We took the kids to Disney World on a trip I will never forget.

In June, I got to direct VBS again and we experienced the largest VBS to date. Daughter had tubes and then swam 3 days later. We lost Sandy our precious dog of 13 years. I feel like all we did was swim all summer. But I met so many new friends at the pool this summer and the running crew got me motivated seating on those pool chairs. (and I turned 32! shhh)

In July, we celebrated the fourth of July with friends. I went on a Roach vacation and learned a lot about myself driving 550 miles with no air and two kids by myself. Husband and I celebrated 8 years of marriage by ourselves at the beach. We were down to one dog, Yoda. He turned one in July and eased our hearts in the pet department.

In August, son went to first grade riding a bus from the get go. Son turned 7!!! I started getting my roomS ready. I started to prepare to working 4 days a week and daughter was preparing for 4k with a new teacher.

In September, the greatest thing happened, Auburn football started back!!!!! We were so excited to watch Auburn open up with five wins in a row. We know how ballgames went after that but it was fun while it lasted. Then we started some sick weeks. I mean if it was to be gotten, we got it.

In October, we took the kids to their first away game. We had a great time with our Tennessee family. Son stated back playing fall ball. It was so fun to start on the pitching machine and I can't wait until spring ball. We had a great Halloween with our closest friends.

In November, Karen and I escaped and went on a girl's trip. We welcomed Will into our world. We had a great Thanksgiving. Son has turned into a long haired, animal bracelet wearing boy who shot his first deer. The kids enjoyed a month off from ball but son would start basketball soon.

In December, we did the annual Christmas party mania followed by all the Brakefield birthdays. We celebrated Christmas with all our family. Thankful for each and every one of God's blessings in our life.

And on this first day of the new year, Auburn WINS!!! Auburn WINS!!!!
Happy New Year!!!