Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pouring Water on Words

Another summer has flown by and we have now been in school for four weeks. We had a great summer full of trips and memories.  I was thankful to be cast free this summer and enjoyed having two feet to walk around on. The kids are older and naps, diaper bags and all things baby seem so long ago.  If you asked my kids their favorite memories from the summer they will say the lake and the library.  For those trying to plan big vacations, remember the local library.  We are planing to head back to Belize this year.  I have some real exciting news about our trip that I hopefully be able to share at a later time.   
Son has started a  new school away from me this year.  I will admit that it was all me that was nervous.  Fourth grade means less me and more him.  Him to remember what is for homework.  Him to bring his books home.  Him to communicate to the teacher. Well, he has forgotten his lunch box at school on several occasions.  Then Monday he brings home his agenda which says study vocabulary words.  I asked him where the definitions were.  He stated they were in a composition book at school.  Perfect, I thought.  I told him how he would need to look up the words in the dictionary and write the definitions.  He was convinced that these words were only located in his reading book.  I assured him that dictionaries are filled with words and even those words in his school reading book.  
The next morning on our way to school I asked him what is he suppose to bring home from school.  He smiled and said, "my lunchbox."  Perfect, I thought.  I reminded him that his lunchbox was important but today he needed to remember his vocabulary notebook.  Walking in the house that afternoon he beamed when he realized he had remembered his vocabulary notebook AND his lunchbox.  I smiled as I unzipped his bookbag.  There on top of his vocabulary notebook was his lunchbox upside down with a bottle
 of water now soaking the infamous vocabulary notebook.  Last night he and I sat at the kitchen table blowdrying a notebook and trying to repair the damage.
This morning on the way to school he tells me thank you for helping him dry his notebook and ask if I think he will be in much trouble.  I told him that was something he would have to find out on his own.  Then I said aren't you glad Jesus always forgives us even when we mess up.  I told him how many times Jesus told me what to do and I tried but messed it up.  It is when I haven't forgiven.  It is when I have been unkind instead of nice.  It is when I speak words out of anger and not love.  It is when I have not loved instead of loved.  It is when I have not served for the Lord but served for myself.  It is when I am proud and not humble.

It is like pouring water on a fire He started.  
It is like pouring water on our vocabulary words.