Saturday, March 27, 2010

Opening Day Baby

Opening Day of Baseball
I love opening day. You get to see everyone you can think of and you can watch 14 different games for free! Daughter made her tball debut at the same time son made his pitching machine debut. And would you believe they batted at the same stinkin time each time at bat. But they each had a world of supporters. My grandmother came in the windy cold and cheered on all 5 of her great grandchildren all morning!

And of course their was Nana who was most concerned with the wind and no jackets on the kids. All the grandparents had a tough job. You see not only were my two playing at the same time but my twin nephews were also playing at the same time!

There was Paw Paw and Bec Bec.
There was Karen and Madison who had to work really hard. She had to run back and forth between son and daughter's game to tell me what was going on so I could run back and forth.
I still can't believe the twins are old enough to be playing ball. They are super cute and I even got to steal a minute to run to watch them too!
Welcome to the gun show! Just kidding. These two cousins both sporting the #3.
Daughter and her Carter! I mean how cute are they? Makes you want to come watch them play doesn't it? Or at least be a Cubs fan!
The pink helmet is on and it is game time! She got a double her first time up to bat and I think she smiled the whole time. I heard a daddy telling his son, "the girl on your team is hitting better then you!" Oh I love crazy ball park daddies!
And every time across the plate she had to slide. Hilarious. Aunt Chell asked her where did you learn that? "In my socks on the hardwood!"
But this little boy is my favorite first baseman. He got 6 outs and made a double play defensively. His first time up to bat he got a triple. And the only reason I know is because husband would give hand motions showing me. It was awful not being able to watch all of each child. But I know by the end of May, I will have seen enough! And these kids are loved and cheered for by so many others then just me and husband.
I love this picture because my grandmother is sitting there with her head wrapped up watching him hit! This was her third game to move her chair and watch in an hour!
Team Roach Rocks!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ball is back!!

Son is back at it...but this ain't t-ball. I don't think I am raising the next Big Poppy but wow is it fun to watch your son play sports. He is in machine pitch this year. He is with his same coaches from years past and we are happy to be back with our same friends and new ones! He will be sporting a Marlin's uniform. If there is one thing he is not happy about it is the teal uniform!

Daughter has always marched to the beat of her own drum. If you say blue she says purple. It is her way or no way. She decided this year was going to be gymnastics and t-ball. Well we quit gymnastics last week so she could focus on something else...and so mommy did not feel like a crazy person. She has wanted to play t-ball for a year. We told her last year she was too young and then she saw kids younger then her playing...we were busted. So this year she is playing t-ball with all her favorite peeps.

Her two Jonah's!

Her Carter.

Yes, she is the only girl and I'll let you know when that will bother her!