Saturday, November 28, 2009

A little turkey and a dead deer

Once upon a time the little Roach's went down south to visit the in-laws. There were cousins and soccer and puzzles and games. There was turkey and stuffing and food galore. Daughter ate some salad, grapes and 3 bites of turkey. Son ate a roll, some dumplings and of course cake. This year we spent the afternoon with 3 laptops showing each other YouTube videos. It is amazing what some laptops brought to our entertainment. Then I began looking at my sale papers for Black Friday. And I let go and allowed others to touch and even (gasp)hold my sale papers after promising not to harm them in any way. Some of the relatives take the afternoon to hunt or nap in tree stand. Son begs to go with them and this year we allowed. When darkness fell and leftovers began to be reheated and there was no return...I was a little worried. And then the text came. SON HAD KILLED HIS FIRST DEER.

He thinks he shot a BUCK. It was barely not spotted but did have a small spike. He got to keep the tail and the bullet. They did not wipe his face with blood worried he might be allergic! (Thank you lord for his allergies) Husband was so excited he got to go with the same two men who took him into the woods to shoot a deer. They went to the same shooting house to practice. They went to the same woods to hunt. History repeated itself on that day. To Uncle Micheal and Mr. Roy (and Wesley) thank you for making memories with son. Thank you for taking the time out of your holiday to make son's day.


Bre said...

I like your dress :)

Tricia said...

It is kind of scary to me to think of Tyler with a gun... glad he had fun!