Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Days in Pictures

We go to the pool in our neighborhood almost every day. I am not kidding. It keeps the kids entertained. No whining. No fighting with each other. And all I see of son if usually this!
Not kidding you when I say we stay all day. My kids do not nap so we pack a lunch a cooler full of food and drinks for the whole day.

This is my first full summer with two kids with no swimmies. Life is Great. I get to sit and watch. I only have to get in when I want to! AHHHHH!

Our neighborhood pool is full of friend for the kids. You never know who might bring who. Son is so pumped to play with older boys from our church or school. This is son up to no good...about to dump cold water on some poor child.

Daughter has learned to do so much in the water this year. She has self taught her self to flip forwards and backwards. Bless her heart, she is so little she still cannot do a handstand. She just floats up. I told her 10 more pounds and she could do it. I figure she will be in 4th grade.
The Master Diver. The worst dive known to men.
This is son "diving." If you have not had the privilege to watch first hand, you are missing a pee in your pants moment.
Now that is form!
We went to have a "funeral" for Sandy. She was buried at Mikey Fresh's farm. These animals helped get my kids mind off of dogs...
The rear of Jen (who is very pregnant) and the Donkey's.



Swirley Girl
Sandy and Macee's resting place. Macee's has flowers planted on top. Sandy's has the picture daughter drew her.

Husband just got a call from Brian. His daughter's test results came in and she has type A.l.l. That is good news and has an 80% treatment rate. Keep praying for this sweet family. Emily will be having a spinal tap tomorrow to see if the Leukemia is in her spinal fluid. That will determine what type of treatment she will receive.


Erica said...

I am so jealous of the neighborhood pool! They do not exist over here.

Karen said...

Glad you are at that stage where you can just sit and watch at the pool. Can't wait to be able to do that! Can MG get any darker? :)