Sunday, November 8, 2009

Catching Up

We have been BUSY. I can count on my hand the number of nights we have had at home with nothing to do. Between baseball, gymnastics, AWANA, Auburn football and Friday night home group...well it has left little time for blogging. I am proud to say Winter is approaching and son will just be playing Upward Basketball. Which means one practice, one game! Praise the Lord. Daughter takes gymnastics on Monday afternoons and absolutely loves it. She bounces and flips all over the gym and now watches NOGGIN upside down at the end of my couch.

Son is still a good student and is learning so much in first grade this year. Daughter has preschool teacher of the year and for the first time, does not cry about going to school. Here are some pictures over the last month.

For Halloween we were Super Girl and Boba Fett. We took the kids to mother's and grandmother's before going to our church festival. Afterwards we had some of our closest friends come over to trick or treat with us. Husband drove us all around in the back of a trailer. We had 16 kids on it! We are blessed to have so many friends with kids around the same age as our two. It was a fun, fun night.

Fall ball ended with a double header and guess who came in first? Son hit 3 home runs that night and was excited. Pitching machine is a whole new game. It is weird to see these boys off the tee and playing real ball. Some of these boys have been together for 3 years. We love all our ball park friends.
I got to go with son on his field trip to Hargis Retreat. Let's just say...worst field trip of ever! It deserves it's own blog. Moments that stick out...smoke inhalation damage, dehydration, hiking overload, petting zoo with a mouse and the list goes on.
I am loving teaching two year olds. This was community helper day. These little ones are really sweet. I have babies the other two days. It makes for a long week and I am exhausted everyday. I am already looking and praying for God to open real world job doors for me next year.

Because this little community helper will start big school. And the lump in my throat when I think about it is ENORMOUS. But I am trying to enjoy each one of these days and feel very blessed to have stayed home this long with my kiddos. I would not have traded it for anything.

I mean how lucky am I to be her momma?