Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stomach Bug Go Away

The stomach bug loves the Roach house. He comes to visit every winter or early spring. He is never invited and I have this whole theory on why I think he shows up more now then he did when I was a kid. But that is a different story. He showed up Saturday morning at 1:30 am. He came to visit me first. He sent me to the doctor for shot when I could no longer take it. I can say a lot of wonderful things about my husband but when you have someone holding trash cans for you and getting you wet wash rags, thank you just doesn't say enough. I will spare you the details but it was violent. Then the visitor came back Saturday night to visit daughter. Daughter could be the smallest 4 year old on the planet and could not stand to lose one pound. She being the strong will child she is, willed her self only to throw up one time. Every time the urge came she talked herself out of it. I can say it was her will but I know God found mercy on her and me that night. He answered my prayers and did not allow the visitor to deplete her that night. It took she and I a few days to allow food back into our lives, but today I thought we were ready for the world and I went back to work at the NOOK today.
If you don't know, I work in the baby room at daughter's MDO. 35 minutes into my day and the baby I am rocking to sleep begins to throw up on me. Like 5 gallon buckets amount of throw up. Think sweet potatoes meets curdled formula. The visitor is back. I will also spare you those details of having to get a new shirt from my boss and getting rid of some undergarments. I dispose of that child and walk back into my room only to be met with another child who was full of the visitor also but it was coming from the other end. My boss kept coming by the rest of the day trying to think of what my facebook status would be today.
I find it only fitting that I had to put on a shirt that said, "I HAVE A PLAN" on the front and JEREMIAH 29:11 on the back.... MY BIBLE VERSE! I think someone is having a good time with me. You decide, is it the enemy or is it God? I really wanted to cry. But instead, I came home found undergarments and put on my running clothes. I beat my 5K race time by 6minutes! 6 minutes! Now the weather was wonderful today and I know that helped but I think venting some tension at the visitor that won't go away helped me beat my time.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I've been tagged.

I've been tagged. Go to your fourth album and pick your fourth picture and pick four friends. This is a picture of someone's hand in front of the lens. No doubt a child. If it makes any difference it was at Auburn. I tag Kristi, Joey, Amy and Karen.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ugly Cry

Daughter is really coming into herself. She has a new obsession with folding. She can fold rags, blankets, and towels better than her daddy. She has a little bit of obsessive behavior with this and likes to do it over and over. She really enjoys it...and I am glad to have the help! Son pretends he can not even put clothes in a drawer but he is not a real big crier. And if you know daughter at all, you know she has cried almost every time I have ever left her. She started church at 6 weeks and still cries every time I leave her. She cries at school and even when I am leaving her with friends. Everyone tells me it last for all of 2 minutes and it is done to make me feel bad. Well this morning, she was watching Franklin on TV. Franklin was crying because his parents left him with a baby sitter and he was upset. Mrs. Muskrat was trying to console him and she said I know it is sad when people we love leave. I look at my daughter and she is crying. I mean big tears, lip shaking, really crying. I ask her what is wrong and she says, "That is how I feel when you and daddy leave me." I melted. She is defiantly my child. I cry at hallmark commercials. I have been known to go into the ugly cry from a song. My daughter went into the ugly cry over NOGGIN.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mommy Brain

How is your memory verse learning going? I thought I was good. Then AWANA friend ask me my first verse tonight and I went blank. Had to look it up blank. Nice. Last week I knew this verse. Where did it go? I pray in my heart. But that is why you need to pick a verse that pertains to you and not the verse of the day. I really believe there is something called mommy brain. I mean we mommies remember so much stuff that sometimes important stuff slips out. I remember being in college and never having to take a list to the grocery store. I would remember everything. Now granted that list was a completely different list then it is now with different items (no juicy juice, goldfish, chocolate milk, etc.) but still I remembered my list. Now I have to remember, son does likes mayo and daughter does not. Son likes red toothpaste not green. Daughter likes green. Daughter likes me to wet her toothbrush after I put on the toothpaste not before. Do not cut their noodles. Leave them long. Spray butter is better then spreading the butter. Daughter needs ligths dimmed at night time with a night light, son just needs a pillow and he will sleep. Son likes his hair lightly brushed, daughter would rather die then brush her hair. Do not lay on husband's side of the bed before he gets in, he likes his sheets cold. Do not talk to husband in the morning. It never ends good. Do not really talk to son, it never ends good. Daughter likes to do all the talking in the morning. Sandy likes wetfood mixed in her dry food. Yoda just likes his food but needs one piece of Sandy's mature dog food. SO ... I forgot my verse. I lost it somewhere between what shapes to cut the sandwhiches in and which night night snack the kids want. So if I forgot your birthday, didn't call you back, owe you money, here is your blanket apology.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Grocery Store

The kids and I are suppose to be enjoying my (and sister's) initial holiday. I was Marsha Lee Kent in my former life and sister was Michelle Lynn Kent. I actually birthed daughter on the MLK holiday. Mother told my OB that was a good day to induce because she would be off of work. So to fit into her schedule, daughter came on the holiday. You would think I would plan events for this day in remembrence of that special day but instead I had to go to the store. No food in the house. I dread the grocery store with 2 kids. I hardly ever take them. I go when a. I don't have them or b. when they can stay with their other family members. But today, I had no choice. It always goes something like this:
In the car I begin the talk on how we will behave in the store and how I will not be purchasing other items not on my list. Then we discuss buggy options and I explain we will take what they have available and we will not wait for car buggies. This morning no car buggies and I am releived. Son no longer really fits so his legs are always on daughters side which leads to hitting. I take them to get their free cookie and off we go. They immediately start whining and son has refused to walk and is now in the big part of the buggy. Daughter wants to hold any items that she likes. She declares she even needs to hold the sliced turkey because sometimes she likes sandwhiches. I let them hold the list and check off what I buy. This too causes problems because only one can read but both can scratch off. Their is a constant demand for items not on the list and me saying no. One little old lady passed me and said bless you. Never a good sign. Daughter can go from 0 to 100 decimals in 2 seconds. I promise she can scream like you are killing her when it could be son told her she stinks. I finally finish my list and go to check out thinking it is almost over. But the check out is really when the war begins. Candy, candy, gum, gum, something please....no no no!And the guy bagging the groceries keeps saying AWE mommy! I would pay extra if someone would open a line with no candy or toys or junk at eye level. It exhaust me. I even think it exhaust the kids. I think if you take your kids to the store and complete the mission, you should get a free tshirt that says, "I took all my kids to the grocery store and I SURVIVED!"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Daughter

The Cake

The Party

The Cheese

The Hit

How all good birthday's should end...Mexican!

Thursday, January 15, 2009



Memory Verse #2

Jeremiah 29:11 (New International Version)

11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Husband help direct my next verse. I did not just go to bible gateway and pick the verse of the day. He also gave me really good advice that I thought I would share to maybe help someone else.
"You are to do more than just memorize this. Meditate on it all day. At least once an hour. Study it. Consider every word. Remind yourself that every word is God-breathed, every word.
This is God's way of reminding you that you don't have control. That this isn't your life to live. That God is sovereign (look it up, we say this word a lot, but its meaning is profound), and that if you had the perspective of God, you would choose your current situation as being what is best for you right now."

This is a verse I have known for a long time but I have not "studied" it. The verse really does take on a different meaning when you remind yourself each word is God-breathed. I challenge who ever is reading this to pick a verse and commit it to memory.

Now post yours!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am having blog issues this week... the cutest blog on the block shut down and I can't figure out any other background websites. This has really about sent me over the edge. This is the best I can do right now. No it does not fit. I don't like my text alignment. I don't want to discuss it.

Son told me tonight, he learned "how to burp with his mouth closed so he would not disturb anyone." I said, "Oh so you learned this at school from your teacher?" He replied, "yes mommy, I did. You are so smart." My reply, "why because you have been getting in trouble for it?" Then he went into that boy I don't know what language you are speaking stare and he never answered. Guess I do know the answer.

I took daughter to her first real dance class last night. How cute is it? So cute. I could watch her on a television. She was really hamming it up for the mirror. She didn't miss a beat. When she emerged, she had a huge grin and red cheeks. She said, "mommy, that was the most fun." I am really impressed she kept her shoes on for the whole class time.

I guess husband had enough of us. Since the mini vacation has been over, I have seen him twice before 7 pm. He seems a little stressed. Meanwhile, I am in the beginnings of my what to do with my life "now" meltdown. Daughter will be 4 on Saturday and the days of staying at home and raising babies are almost over. So what do I want to do? I am NUMB. I loved being a social worker but am unsure on how I could emotionally handle social work with two kids at home. Sister even tried and intervention asking me what I am passionate about and what are my talents. Again the same response...NUMB. Husband told me there was a place on HWY.31 offering degrees in criminal justice. NUMB. Basically, I am not in control of my life right now and the Type A in me is about to freak out. God on the other hand is in control. Any words of advice is greatly appreciated. :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Confessions of a lazy day

I must confess...
On Sunday's, I have known to spend the afternoon on the couch watching a marathon of reality shows. I know this is probably not what my preacher has had in mine when he tells us to Rest on Sundays but he has told us to nap. I did some of that today too so maybe that negates me marathon garbage television. :) Don't worry people, I know that is not how it works with my sins! Anyway, I think the reality shows start to brain wash you after a while. You start to think different and want things you did not want before you turned on the television. I am glad I had 2 kids, 2 dogs and a husband that interrupted my television time today. If it would have continued, I would have:
1. I would have gone to the hairdresser and died my hair and added extensions.
2. I would have booked a spray on tan.
3. I would have made a nail appointment to get a "full set".
4. I would have gone to the grocery store and just eat celery.
5. I would have gone to the store and bought my summer wardrobe.

I confessed. Now I can just be me in my pj's, no nail polish, hair in a ponytail, pizza eating self!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

He is back

Husband posted.
I am so glad he is back to sharing...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sins, Dogs and Kids

For of those of you with weak stomachs, do not read this post. Son was asked to go to a birthday party with a friend at the University of Alabama. It was a basketball game and it was with the guidance counselor's son at his school. How could I say no? I dressed him in blue not wanting to offend the people he went with and not wanting to let anyone there think he was an Alabama fan. Well, look what happened! That is what I get for being nice and civil. I told the counselor we need to have an IEP meeting to discuss the Re-education of my child. He will need psychological help also. The caption under this photo when I got it said, "some parents might be mad!" I have determined 6 is not an appropriate age to expose your kids to other teams. There foundation is not strong enough to handle the temptation. He would have had more self control in a bar.

Since all I have had lately is sad or sick news(and son's above sins are sick news also) here is some funny news. Yoda has officially become a member of the Roach family and has now developed weird traits to fit in with us. First, Yoda does not like my hair in a ponytail. He takes it out every time. He will immediately cry and take out the ponytail holder. It doesn't matter what kind of ponytail holder, he just wants it out. He doesn't eat the ponytail holder, he just likes my hair down...so does husband! Yoda is also OBSESSED with his little tennis balls. OBSESSED. He will drive you nuts. "Wanna play, Wanna play, Wanna play?" And he loves husband. When husband comes home, Yoda tucks his ears back and runs as fast as he can around the house. Full speed. Circle after circle. And if husband calls him, well I can't tell you the excitement. He is mending our hearts. Sandy my other dog is living it up during her grieving. She has a new bed and refuses to be left alone. She is teaching Yoda that this is her retirement home and she isn't accepting visitors at this time!
I registered son for spring ball and daughter for dance. My life is about to be turned upside down. I will see you all in May. We are going to buy ballet and tap shoes today! Daughter said,"so what shoes do I booty dance in?" Thanks sister for that!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pain in the neck

Well, I think stress or old age is finally taking me over. I noticed a pain in my neck on Monday and at 4am this morning it over took me. I could not even stand husband to touch it. After a long day of being stubborn and borrowed drugs from sister(muscle relaxer for all who gasped), I went to the Dr. And do you know what he did to me? Gave me a shot in the neck. In the neck. A place I could not even stand to be touched. I am a little out of it right now and am glad that is over.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Memory Verse #1

Check out my two friends blogs Jenny and Tricia who are encouraging me and others to memorize bible verses this year. 1 verse every 2 weeks. Add your verse to my blog comments or add your verse to your blog.

"wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight! Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the cause of the widow.: Isaiah 1:16-17

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Even though we ended 2008 on a sad note we had many blessings this past year. For all of those who have sent us well wishes over the past week, we appreciate it. My favorite was when brother-in-law called me to tell me he was sorry about Macee and started recalling when I got her and how he would always remember me taking her to the park or somewhere to let her play. We had so many memories of her. We had a funeral for her at my daddy's farm and son wrote her a note and put it in the dirt. That morning he came and crawled up beside me and said, "I don't want to bury Macee today. I just want to go get her and bring her home." Me too little one. Me too. But I know that is why God gives us dogs. Children learn all about the cycle of life and real love and real sadness.

My friend Tricia always does highlights for the year so I am going to try.
 We celebrated daughter's 3rd birthday and son's 6th birthday.  But the funniest birthday was husband's 30th. We had snow and we sold our house! We were sad to leave our neighbors and still don't have any neighbors like that here! But it was exciting packing and moving. We had friends that moved us in one day. God provided boxes and movers and big truck (thanks to the mess up at the Uhaul place).  And we moved in our friend's house...Karen and Allen. I was unsure if it would ever feel like my house and not theirs. I can officially say almost a year here and it is now my home. 
We celebrated Easter and got to have husband's favorite cousins down from TN twice this year. They always are a lot of fun and my kids think Roger and Channing hung the moon. Son also started Tball and I still think their is nothing cuter.  And for 3 months our lives were ball, ball, ball. We met so many fun people through ball and husband got to help coach. It was a great experience.  Our friends, Brian and Summer, from MS came to stay with us for a weekend. I was also able to share My testimony at work. It was the first time I had ever shared HIS-story through my life.
Son graduated the NOOK and I was a little emotional. Son started public school and loves it.  I love it.  But there are still some days when I can't believe he is as old as he is and no longer my baby.  He has grown a foot this year.  Really we think 3 inches since school started in August.  Despite everything I say about him, he is a tender hearted, sweet kid.  
I was able to be a part of  the LARGEST VBS in the state of Alabama. I can't tell you how exciting it was to watch 600 plus kids worship and I can honestly say I am excited about this year.  We had a wonderful vacations this year.  A wonderful beach trip, a romantic trip to New Orleans, family adventures to Chattanooga twice . . . memories.
 We had losses.  Granny Roach passed away in July but husband was able to spend some time with her before and we were thankful for that.  We not only lost Macee but we lost Mr. Turtle. And sister finally got a little girl...Millie.  And we got a little boy . . . Yoda.
   Football season was not as much fun this year but it was always good to go to Auburn.  Something about that place is good for my soul.  I gave husband a night in Auburn with me and basketball tickets for Christmas.  Joey and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this year.  We have been blessed beyond what we could imagine.  Raising two kids has its challenges and there are days when you are run down...but there are moments when nothing is better then the love for your children.   Not only do we have great families but I think we have the greatest friends.  I can honestly say, I never have a problem finding someone to help me out.  I pray this year brings you many blessings and prosperity.  Thank you for sharing in this crazy thing called life.