Saturday, February 27, 2010

Donut Wars

Dunkin Donuts in new to our neck of the woods. But my good northern friend has been raving about it for oh so long. When they opened here it shut down four lanes of traffic. I mean people waiting hours for a Dunkin Donut. Daughter is now a fan of doughnuts after finally agreeing to "try" one at a baby shower. If you know anything about daughter, her thighs are the size of my wrist. She needs all the help she can get eating fat! So one day after school we went to see what all the fuss was about.
These are the three doughnuts we brought home. I am not a huge doughnut fan. I mean I like it but it is not something I ever buy. I have had my fair share of Krispy Kreme's and prefer them warmed. However, Dunkin Donuts won me over hands down. Their coffee might be better then Starbucks...(gasp brother in law Terry) and their donuts as they like to spell them are just splendiferous. The donut is thicker and cakier then the Krispy Kreme which is lighter and sugar glazed. Friends it is goooood.
This is when son had the swine flu but he and daughter both agreed best donuts they had ever eaten. I feel like a trader on my southern roots for voting for the typically northern donut. I have learned that it is a North vs South donut war and this Confederate momma just wants to eat what the Union eats.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Our church participated in a One Mission Celebration this past week. I have been a Christian my whole life and have never been moved as much as I was this past week by missionaries. It changed my heart and how I view missions. On Sunday, we participated in Shoes 2 Share for victims in Haiti. Husband, son, daughter and myself left church barefoot. I know that my kids will remember the day they left church barefoot more then they will remember any canned food drive or money left. And the video features one of my favorite people...even if they did spell her last name wrong. You are still famous to me and my little girl! (We love you Molly GRICE)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Heart Her

How can she be going to kindergarten next year?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Gone But Never Forgets a Thing!!

Okay blog readers. Who remembers Jacyln? She does not miss a beat. She never forgets a thing. But to back up this is a little foreshadowing for you. I don't know if I really believe in foreshadowing but it was a literary term I had to use in high school. A long time ago, okay 3 years ago, there was a yard sale. Jaclyn and Karen were having yard sales. They lived across the street from one another. I went to sale stuff at Karen's house. We had walkie talkies to talk to each other. There were a group of runners running by the yard sale. They stopped and one runner bought Jaclyn's dining room table. I kidded with Jaclyn that day and asked why she was not running with them...she laughed and said, they are crazy.

Well here is your foreshadowing...that was my running friends, Kerri and Paige. Paige bought the dining room table. Never did I dream that I would run with those girls. Never did I dream I would live in Karen's house and Jaclyn would move. That isn't just foreshadowing, that is God's divine plan in my life. Anyway...I never even get to talk to Jaclyn and I get a box (in the first picture) in the mail. Filled with everything I need to survive my half marathon. I mean who is that thoughtful? I tried to run with her once. I never tried it again. She is a machine. I still to this day could not run beside her. But she ... she shows up when you least expect it. She is gone but never forgotten. I LOVE AND MISS YOU MY DEAR FRIEND.

I don't go all the way just 13.1

It all starts with carbs. Good friends send you Edgar's cake to carb up on! Thanks BRE!
Son got to run his last mile of the kid's marathon. He ran his mile in 8 minutes and 25 seconds.

My Grande View running buddies decorated my doors and mailbox. This all started this summer sitting on the chairs at the pool. Kerri and Tracy adopted me to tag along behind them on their runs. At first it was like pulling teeth. One would yell at me and one would encourage me. The months past by and they would always be ahead of me whispering. Whispering about how many miles they were going to make me run. Next thing I knew, they were training me for my first half marathon. Tracy was injured this fall and could not run. It was sad for her and all of us. Hard to run without her and her singing. So what does she do? She loads me songs on my ipod for me to listen to...her songs she sings to me when I hit my wall. Usually at MILE 8. Kerri never gives up on you. Even though I am always a mile behind her she is constantly cheering me on. She calls you and gives you heartache when you don't show up to run. She keeps your kids so you can run. She calls you and ask you when you are going to get your miles in...she is your coach. She is also your friend. When others were telling me I could not do it. When others were tearing me down...she was building me up. A running friend is a friend forever. I am happy for my forever running friends.
Me and my Valentine!
Grande View Hoodies, Kerri and Paige, who I trained with ...they ran all the way ...26.2!!
This is mile 5 when I see son for the first time. I was so over come with emotion that I ran up on the sidewalk and kissed him. He said, "go mommy, you can do this!!" *sigh*
My hero, my husband, my Valentine. He torn his ligaments in his ankle on mile 4. He ran through the pain and finished the race in 2 hours and 31 sec. Unbelievable. He can't walk without crutches but he says it was worth it. When I saw him at the finish I thought is he about to cry for me or is he hurt? He was hurt. When he made it to me, I took one look at him and knew he was hurt bad. But despite his pain, he stayed out there to yell at me and love me. That is the best Valentine's present I ever received. We ran our first 5k together and our first 1/2 marathon together. Not many couples can say that.
Me approaching my cheering friends on MILE 8 up the biggest hill known to men. Seeing my running buddy who is injured and can not run...the one who yelled me through many of miles while I was trying to learn to run. She would sing to me and take my water to make me run to her. It was a bitter sweet moment that she was out there yelling at me to keep running. I heart you Tracy my yankee friend. The man right behind me quit right after this. All day I kept thinking, well at least I did not quit.
Son and April's husband and boys waiting on us to finish this thing.
Me and April about to kick this thing. This is when I see all my friends. I start the ugly cry right about here.
The hug at the finish. Such and emotional and euphoric feeling.
I have cheered for this little boy so much in his short life. I have been there for every game and almost every practice he has ever had. But on this day he came to cheer his mommy and daddy. That is a moment I will never forget. He was so excited for us. I saw him at mile 5, 6, 11 and the finish. I know that is a moment that will live in my heart for ever.
April, my finisher buddy. April and I met when our son's played tball together. She and I have run together many miles and ran my first 5k togher last year. We caught up with each other at mile 9.5. We were done. But we rock so we finished!!!!
You know your true friends. They get up at dark, ride with people they don't know. Cheer you on in cold weather just because they wouldn't miss it. And if that wasn't enough. They end up baby sitting your kids that same day so you can take your husband to the doctor. And then they end the day by feeding you steak and lobster for dinner. It was a great Valentine's thanks to friends like this!
I still heart her after coaching me to do this! She is my hero. 26.2 for her! And how can she look this good after funning for close to five hours! Because she rocks! She is as sweet as the day is long and thankful God brought her in my life.
The Roach Finishers!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Eleven Days

Eleven days until I try my first half marathon. Ladies and gentlemen do not judge. It will not be pretty. My time will not be oh that great but I will do it. Praying for good health and no injuries until. Husband is running with me and it will be our Valentine's present to each other. He will beat me by a good hour. Time is not my goal. Finishing is my goal. 13.1. Seriously can not believe it is about to happen. My Grande View Hoodies....well I can not even talk about them yet. Maybe when the race is over I can put it into words. . .

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Soo - wee!

Son woke me early this morning because he wanted to call a pig. I don't know why one would even want to call a pig. I grew up on a dairy farm and had no pigs. I think if we would have had the pigs, we probably would not have called them. We probably would have just shaken a bucket of slop and they would come running. I mean even the cows would walk a little faster for hay. My only memory of pig calling came from Charlotte's Web. "Soo-wee! (very high pitched) Here pig!" Well, this morning son went calling a pig "soo- wee! Here pig! Come play with me!"
Well the pig came even without that slop bucket. I tried to tell son all those hot dogs can not be good for you. My advice never has meant much around here and he is still wondering how this happened. After a short trip to the doctor and a quick test son turned into this...

Swine flu! And if he starts playing in the mud or eating stuff from the trash can, he is going to need a new barn.