Monday, March 2, 2009

For Aunt Pam

Aunt Pam needed some snow pictures and here they are. Son took this of mommy and daddy. I was like a little kid. I got up at 3:00 am and 4 and 5 and then woke husband up at 6! I waited until 6:30 to wake the kids and they were pumped!
Our snowman looked like ET but he was cute.
The kids dressed themselves and we are not prepared for snow...This is daughter, our little snow angel. I know mother is coat.
Snow sledding, Alabama style. Good ole boogy board.
Yoda loved the snow. He lost all control. He wore his sweater and ran as fast as he could. He ended up with tons of snow stuck to him. I had to use hot water and a blow dryer numerous times that day for him.
The Roach Plantation.
Sandy said, no thanks to the snow. She likes to lay in both beds to prove she is in her retirement home and Yoda was not invited.


Kristi said...

Sandy is probably trying to tell you she needs a bigger bed.

Since my kids were gone, I did not get out of bed til 9:30. Had QB go outside and take some pics. I stayed nice and warm.

Little Marlee was probably frozen with NO jacket. If she comes up with pneumonia, your mom and I will probably say "no surprise"

Erica said...

I love the snow angel! The Roach Plantation looks beautiful!

Tricia said...

Fun! The name "Roach Plantation" cracks me up, and I can not believe Yoda liked the snow, Bootsie hated it!