Friday, August 21, 2009


So don't want this. Praying that all my babies and two year olds at work this year bring me some Clorox Wipes and Germ X. Because no matter how I much makeup I put on, or if I roll my hair...ugly is ugly.


Erica said...


I was at a party tonight where a pediatrician told one of my friends to keep her 7 month old out of Mother's Day Out until November because of swine flu. She says she is treating all runny noses and fevers as swine flu right now because it is everywhere. Yuck! I'm so glad I will have a newborn in the middle of all of this combined with a 2 yr old brining germs home.

Amy Leigh said...

Love the pighead. You crack me up. Just roll your hair and get over it---hehehe.

hadassahrose said...

Yikes that picture is creepy - I am going to be having nightmares tonight. ;)

I found your blog through MckMama's.