Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Ball and New Standards

Son has been paying Fall Ball. It is so laid back (depending on whose team you are on) and fun. We get to hang out with some of our favorite ballpark families and the boys all love it! Daughter even loves being back at the ballpark. Barefoot of course. Dora bat and ball in hand.
Son has been back on first and loved it. Although his baseball pants are a little short, a lot tight and shoes . . . well the shoes are sad. Husband and all his thriftiness said we were riding out the cleats until spring. Husband suggested we let him wear his black "Sunday socks" since they are thinner and thus allowing the cleats to go on easier. After the last game, we decided he must get new shoes. He limped off the field. He was in a size 13 and after a fitting on Saturday he now wears a 2!!!! How sad. Son was so excited Sunday about his new cleats. He said, "I know I am going to do good today with my new shoes!"
And guess what . . . He hit a HOME RUN.
Us girl friends have started a new bible study, Boundaries with Kids. After Chapter 1, I was convinced I was parenting more in the now then in the future. I still dress son. He is 6. Why? Because if I do not, this is the outcome.
Underarmour shirt on top of his jersey, pants undone and no underwear. I am a little stubborn. (Husband is peeing on himself because I said a little.) If I do it myself, it is faster, better and right. Then I get mad at daughter when she HAS to do things herself. She thinks she is faster, better and right. Son would get out of the tub, not dry off, and then sit and scream about how cold he was and how he can't do it himself. Is that a difference between boys and girls or first born and second born? Needless to say, I obviously need this new study. I will keep you posted on what I let go and what new standards I set.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Brakefield Bunch

Sister is blogging again. Check out her link. I am sooo excited.
But I feel I must post this caution: Do not believe anything she ever writes about me.

Friday, October 24, 2008

This season

I am having a hard time this football season and I know you know why. But for me, I can not listen to JOX, I can not watch the news, I can not talk to a lot of friends on Saturday's (or Thursday's, Friday's,etc.), I have nothing to talk to Mikey Fresh about . . . Friends my life is on hold. I am in a state of disarray. I have heard the Tubby talk. If he wants Lowder to kiss it, good for him. If that explains why he had on that other orange jacket last night, good for him. For a moment last night I saw my old Tubby. Don't get me wrong I am not devoted to Tubby. I am devoted to Auburn and I believe in Auburn and LOVE IT. I just need some time to process the decline. In the meantime I have been harassed by enough Alabama fans. Even my nephews came over and told me 20 times, "Alabama #2 in the World." (From brother-in-law no doubt.) But for the love of all that is good, why do I have to see this set up in a parking lot?
And why does my mother insist on picking up the kids for Sunday lunch wearing this. I think she is rubbing it in my face. Mother, if you are reading this . . . please stop and buy a purse.

To All the Girls I Have Loved Before

Went with son on his first field trip with Big School. I met lots of sweet mommies. I met several mothers who asked if son was mine. I would answer yes and they would say."My daughter loves him. She calls him her boyfriend." I watched my Mack-Daddy son spend quality time with each one of them at the Pumpkin Patch.

But we all know, I AM HIS ONE TRUE LOVE. And he did not get his skills from his DADDY.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Welcome to the ear infection

Daughter scared me last night when she began showing me blood on her fingers. I asked her where it was coming from and she showed me her ear. After a call to the the ever so friendly after hours nurse, we determined a ruptured ear drum or a brain bleed. I found a sub (THANKS Kristi) and got an early doctor's appointment. But I just could not get it together this morning. I was running behind all morning. I showed up at the doctor in running pants, prom 2007 shirt (thanks MOTHER) and a sweat shirt. Daughter showed up in her new Fall Festival shirt size 7, leggings and pink tennis shoes with rhinestones. When the doctor walked in, I said, "Hey my name is white trash and we have come for your free samples." She being the sweetest thing ever said, "You are not white trash. You are an active lifestyle family." However, after examination daughter was diagnosed with an abscess and partial rupture of the ear drum and a severe sinus infection. Poor baby.
We come home exhausted to find Yoda crying when he scratches his ear. I had sent him last week for his first haircut. Like Kristi, never take the cheap route. A large pet store gave him the cut but were unable to get the hair out of his ears. (Poodles have hairy ears) So I called the vet thinking he just needed to get the hair out. They told me to come right then and let them see him. Well guess what? The pet store had put a powder in his ears and then did not remove the hair causing yeast to form. Yoda had DUAL ear infections.
So Daughter and Yoda will be on antibiotic ear drops for 7 days, twice a day! If you are wondering, both cry and kick and scream and require assistance when getting the drops. I was going to post a sick picture of them both but I am too tired. So send some little ear prayers our way.

Monday, October 20, 2008

For A Good Laugh

I have lots of friends that are needing a good laugh today. You know who you are . . . I LOVE YOU. This picture is for all my friends who could use something to make them smile. Can you find my friend in this picture? She too could use a smile today. She was betrayed by her own family and they gave me this picture. Husband has been dying for the day I would post it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a week!

Well it has been an interesting week. I find it fitting that daughter got a visit form the Fire Department and Police Department at her school today. She could not wait to tell her daddy. When asked about her favorite part, she declared, "I got to get in the back of a police car and they did not even take me to jail!" Then tonight while I was enjoying a hot bath, she picked the lock on my bathroom door with a knife. Sister thinks a jail stint is in her future. Like mother, Like daughter. Although I will say, I refrained from picking up a water table at another neighbor's yard this morning. I had one of those tables and did not like it too much.

Weight loss is at 25 lbs and inches loss is at 20 1/4 inches. The nazi's are being nice to me lately so I am not sure what they have up their sleeve. But I am worried. They even gave me a ribbon to visualize the inches that are gone off my body. 9 inches off my waist since I started! I am not even OBESE any more, just OVERWEIGHT. It has been an emotional road and I think I have perspired or cried each LB off this body. The people at the gym don't even look at me funny anymore. They know I am there to catch up on the HILLS or Oprah and then take it out on some machines. I get very excited when I get to reprogram my workout watch to a new weight. One thing I have noticed at the gym that is different for men and women. I NEVER see women weigh in at the gym. I see men weigh in all the time. I even watch some men come in weigh, work out some and then weigh again. What is that for? Are they trying to weigh more or less?
Son brought his first friend home from school. It was for bring a friend to AWANA night. He took him into his room and taught him his bible verse he had to know for that evening. Then he whispered to me, "Can we make my friend cookies? He needs hot cookies." So I made "hot out of the oven"cookies and did not eat one!!! That is something I will never forget. Son bringing his first school friend home and teaching him a bible verse before playing video games. This was the same night we had to tell son's baseball coach that church can before baseball practice. I am so glad we did!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I got this email from my dear friend Frankie. She lives in my subdivision and was feeling a little uneasy.

Every morning at 7:00, Molly and her friends stand in front of our house near the street while they are waiting on the bus. Please do not think we have thrown them away and take them to your house for your children to play with!
Jenny sent me your blog today at school and I laughed so hard that my kids told me I was disrupting their reading! You are the funniest person I know!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grand Fisher Price Theft

Scene of the crime: My neighborhood. My street.

I am not a big yard sale person. I mean, I have had a couple in my lifetime. I have even purchased a thing or to from one and I am not above a yard sale find. But today, I took it to a whole new level. A house about 1o up from me has had a Fisher Price Picnic table on the sidewalk/street for about 5 days. I have eyed it. I have slowed down for it. Last night on my way home from bible study with Karen we discussed how I should get the table before the rubbish collectors come for extra trash pickup. So this morning after dropping son off for school, I stop. I decide I like the table. It was in excellent condition. I load the soaking wet table into my car and ask daughter to hold on to it. I even left the hatch open on my car because it had to hang out. I drive very slowly down the street. I think I hear screaming in the background but I look in my rear view mirror and all I see is daughter holding on to the table. I get out of the car to unload my FREE FIND and there is a white car in my driveway with an angry man. This is how it went.
Man: Could you take my daughter's table back home that you just stole?
Me: I am sooo sorry. I thought it was out for trash pickup. I would have never.
Man: What steal my daughter's table?
Me: It was out by the rode for days. I almost got it last night. I am soo mortified.
Man: You should be. My daughter likes to draw in the road.
Me: I will take it right back.
Man: I know you will and I will follow you.
30 minutes later after this horrible event and after phone calls to wake all my friends and family to tell them of the accusations, I have to drive back down the road to go to work. Table in the location where I returned it and now sat the little girl I stole from. I pass by and she sticks her tongue out at me. Oh my. They think I was stealing a used, Fisher Price, wet, nasty, table from them.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Thinking about Britney today. And I thought I would share. . .Shep, G Funk and daughter.
Bre and Sister
Daughter and Harrison after cupcakes.
Me and Krisit
Son and mini me
The Gals
Noah and daughter's best friend.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Orleans Review

Husband and I had a short trip to New Orleans for his work. I was along for the ride. After shipping off Yoda (thanks Kristi), giving instructions for Macee and Sandy(thanks Karen), and dropping off kids (thanks Meme and Papa) we were on the rode. It was so much fun to be alone with my husband in the car for a long drive. We listened to a Rick and Bubba CD first and laughed until we cried. We never get a chance to talk and it was nice to have a conversation. Husband even chimmed in the conversation. I can't give you all the details of the trip but here is the review and the highlights.
Food: Not so great. I still like Sea and Suds gumbo the best.But the dining experience: Nothing compares. I mean look at our little cafe we ate lunch.

Atmosphere: Well it depends where you were standing and who was around. But at any moment I could fall in love with the city buildings, shops and music playing.

Working Out: I like to run at the beach but I don't get very far. It is hot and the sand makes it very difficult. At our hotel I was able to run and then do some strengthening exercises by the pool on the top off the building! ALONE. I can't tell how much I needed the ALONE part. But the best exercise was walking five miles holding husband's hand around town.

Celebrity Experience: I heard I missed a sermon today on being in love with celebrities. Hate I missed it but I was able to find the Jolie Pitt house. No sign of them. No sign of any paparazzi either. But I did touch their house and I did not go through their trash. WHICH WAS OUTSIDE. Notice the American Flag and the United Nations Flag.

Overall the trip made deposits into the love bank.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

C Ya

Na, Na, Na, Na,Hey Hey Hey

No matter what "they" say. Goodbye. No matter how long it takes, no matter how bad it gets, no matter who leaves, I BELIEVE IN AUBURN AND I LOVE IT! Thank you U100.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Nazi's, Mini Trip and Movie

Back to the food nazi's today. My thirty days was up and they were waiting. Down 4 lbs. Total weight loss - 23.6 lbs. They were not ugly today but I do have to fast the next two days. Talk about ugly. Don't call me on Wednesday. It won't be pretty.

However Thursday should bring some real joy. Husband and I are dropping off the kids in GVILLE and going to New Orleans for the weekend. Husband has a "job" down there and I am along for the ride. I will be on another job. I will be trying to scope out the Jolie-Pitts! From "the very credible source" the Jolie-Pitts are back in the big Easy.

On a completely other note.
If you have not seen this movie, go see it. Husband and I went Sunday. Our church rented the movie theater and we really enjoyed the movie. It is a good date movie. I have not seen a movie like this in a long time. The message was clear. I can only imagine how many marriages or lives will be changed because of this movie. And Kirk Cameron. Oh, I still love him.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fun Stuff

When it comes to fun, I have a long list of things I love to do. Starting with a list of things that include being outside. Husband would love to sit at home and do nothing. I would love to do anything but sit. I love to be busy. I don't mind if being busy means just being at home. I love to clean out closets, pantries, drawers and mostly toys at my house. So today when I got off work and walked outside, I knew I had to do something. The weather could not be any better. I called brother-in-law to make all my dreams come true. Brother-in-law was a little surprised by my request but he obliged. I wanted to borrow a pressure washer.
I can not tell you how much fun I had this afternoon. It started out kinda slow. I could not get it to start. I called brother-in-law and he just laughed. I think he thought I couldn't do it. I think he was thinking this was a man's job. Well I am not above yard work or hard work. I was determined. I got so mad at that pressure washer. I yanked and yanked. I cut my hand and bruised my leg with the pull cord. But it cranked and when it did pure bliss filled my whole body. It took me 2 hours to pressure wash my front porch, front steps, sidewalk and driveway. I will be pressure washing the siding, back porch and back yard sidewalk in the morning.
I really don't know what it says about me, but to watch that dirt, mold and algae disappear gives me utter satisfaction. I wish I owned a pressure washer. I could clean the whole neighborhood. Maybe this is what I can do for a living. I was singing and writing my name in cursive with the pressure washer. I kept turning around to see the job I had accomplished. When husband came home, I was finished and nasty. I was wet from head to toe. I had dirt, mold, and algae all over me. I am proud to say, I washed my hands and cooked supper and then took a nice long shower. I am so excited to get the job finished in the morning.