Thursday, September 10, 2009

AU opener

My heart needed all of this...every bit of this. Orange and blue are back in my eyesight and in my pictures and this makes me happy.

This did not make the daddy's happy. Jumpy things in 110 degrees while holding shoes and trying not to lose a child.
The Martin's. Future ballplayers!
Sweet Aby. You might remember Aby from previous post. She and son have been together in Kindergarten and now first grade. They married when they were four in Aby's swing set. She wore heels and he said yes.
Daughter with one of her Jonah's. She was so pumped to take both of her Jonah's to Auburn. It was so hot she kept taking off her cheerleader outfit.
3 mommies, 6.5 kids at tiger walk. Notice daughter is about to have her first claustrophobic moment. I ended up taking her and one of her Jonah's back to husband who had enough of people and decided to stay at the tailgate to "watch our stuff."
Raising little tigers one game at a time. I mean this screams spirit.
So we decided to all go to the upperdeck to sit together. We had a great view of the baseball field. And Coach Kaine is explaining something to son...

Then it happened. No nap. Hot sun. Tons of friends. Jumpy things. No real food. Third quarter melt down. What do you do in the 3rd Quarter with a tired four year old? You get popcorn and you watch the game on the tv's in the walkway.


Karen said...

Marlee acts like she had waaaayyyy too much sugar! Wired but cute!

Bre said...


Amy Leigh said...

Happy Heart.

Erica said...

Cute little Auburn girl!