Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Daughter

The Cake

The Party

The Cheese

The Hit

How all good birthday's should end...Mexican!


Kristi said...

Love the last "stike a pose" pic.
So, a potty comes with the pooper baby? That saves some mess to clean up.
Bailey was loving the Easy Bake mixes. I am horrible and never got her one, she can only cook at Nana's.

Michelle said...

I can't believe I had to miss her party! I feel sure it would have been more exciting than Noah's basketball game today. I am sad after looking at her pictures. Happy Birthday to her!

Bre said...

Happy Birthday MG! We had fun at your party!! We Love you :)

Karen said...

Happy birthday MG! We all had fun at your party! Love you lots!!!

I had to buy Madison the same swimsuits that I bought MG because Madison said that they both have to match when we go on vacation. Girls! Too cute!

Tricia said...

We enjoyed the party and it was good to see all of you! Please explain to your friends that I was and am still recovering from surgery and that is why I was not very sociable. I hope no one thought I was rude... I really probably should have stayed home, but I wanted to see you all... I paid for it after getting home, I stayed in bed the rest of the day!