Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Granny Roach

When I found out I was pregnant with son it was a total shock. I thought my birth control was not working correctly. The doctor in Birmingham had switched it a few months earlier. Husband and I had been married all of 4 Months. I thought since we were new to Montgomery, I would go get a new girly doctor and get my birth control straightened out. I was laying on "The Bed" covered in my napkin when a nurse came in and told me to get dressed because the doctor wanted to see me in his office. My thought was, how nice he wants to meet me with clothes on. I went to his office where he said, "Well you are my new OB patient." I quickly replied, "No. I just need a better birth control." He laughed. He kept repeating himself. Seems they test your pee pee at the girly doctor and mine came up positive. I was in a daze. At this doctor's office, you leave with a diaper bag and the book What to Expect When You are Expecting. I was crying when I reached the elevators. This sweet nurse asked if I was okay. I said, "I am going to be a Mommy Roach." I was forever changed.
The ultimate mommy roach is GRANNY ROACH. She is husband's only living grandmother. The doctor's have found cancer in her lungs and she will have some surgery in the morning to see if it is in her lymph nodes. Granny Roach is one tough cookie. She tells it like it is and has a sense of humor that I pray I have at 86. Granny Roach's daughter was murdered 18 years ago and the killer was never found. Granny Roach's husband died a year after their daughter. I look at her life and am amazed that life has not hardened her. She loves to listen to the Gaither's and never misses Dr. Phil. So tonight I give thanks and big prayers to Granny Roach.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Family Fun

We are partied out this week. I think the word is partied pooped. Or maybe we are the party poopers. (Son would love this blog if he was reading it! Because potty talk is all the rave.) We had Carter's 3 year old party and Madison's 4 year old party. We also had Brian, Summer and their two little bitties staying with us all weekend. The kids had so much fun. Son even took a nap Saturday which has not happened in a year. Sunday we had our big VBS orientation. The t-shirts came in on time. We have 600 adult shirts instead of 300 adult and 300 kid sizes. But maybe that will be fixed this week.
Baseball game last night was exciting. Son got a TRIPLE! He cranked it to the fence. I do not know what is more exciting, seeing him do good or seeing him beam with his accomplishment. His team lost and this was son's first time not to cry after losing. I feel like he is learning to take defeat. It is so hard at 5 but I am thankful they do keep score and let the kids learn how to win and lose.
I am amazed at what parents say in front of their children at the ballpark. I am amazed by their language and how they speak to children. It scares me to watch son's face taking in all the words surrounding him. Husband and I are baffled by this and are constantly looking at each other saying, "It's Tball."
The kids both have big weeks. Wheel Day, Water Day, Field trips, ballgames, etc. I am counting the days until summer when we can SLOW down.
For those that care, turtle now lives outside. He is still in his cage but on the patio table. I still have to feed him. I thought he would die when it got cold the other night. BUT NO . . . apparently he likes it outside.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Worst Friend of The Year

mrs jenny,
happy 30th birthday from your worst friend. you called me today and got complaints about my day with no birthday wishes. you met me at church with a smiling face offering to help me and still no birthday wishes. my attempt to make it up to you was getting 100 kids to sing happy birthday. i pray my second attempt will be better.
forever your worst friend,

ps if you don't know mrs jenny please visit her blog and tell her thank you for serving and tell her happy late birthday

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My testimony

I had to give my testimony at work today. I was really nervous. Husband went to play tennis last night so I could get my thoughts together. I was reading my Sunday School lesson and was reminded that it is not my story but HIS-Story. Really we all are just telling God's story everyday as we live out our lives. I prayed for God to show me what scriptures I should use and what I should reveal. Sometimes I don't have a very good filter from brain to mouth and I knew I needed God to filter my thoughts and words. Even though I work at a church, I work with unsaved, different denominations and ALL WOMEN. Who would not be a little intimidated with that crowd?
Right before I was to give my testimony, son's four year old teacher started talking about watching son learn how to read. I began to cry so I knew my testimony would be full of tears. I was right. I cried. I managed to get through the words. I really felt God speaking through me. Sometimes I think we are all too quick to tell of all the bad in our life instead of talking about all the joy. When I look back on my life not only do I feel blessed but I can't believe I made it this far! 10 years ago, I could never had seen myself in the place I am today.

On an excited note: Summer, Brian and their two kiddos are coming to stay with us this weekend. Last time I saw Summer she was pregnant. And now that baby is over 1! And VBS orientation is this weekend. Pray the Tshirt's come through!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Worst Day

Could you name your worst day ever? I mean the absolute worst day ever. Son declared that today was his worst day ever. And you want to know something . . . when I walked in to his room this morning, I too knew that this would be a bad day. He was so asleep when I opened the door that I took a deep breathe before I said, "Good morning, Roachy." He immediately cried. Then his pancakes burnt his ulcer that he got last night from biting his lip. He fell walking into the kitchen. His toothpaste fell off his toothbrush. His couldn't find his new crocs. His seat belt wouldn't stay buckled. He did not like the music on the radio. He was cold. He didn't like his lunch. His stomach hurt. He missed HOME plate when running in for the score causing an automatic out! His team Lost. When I tucked him into bed he said, "Have you ever had a day like this? Because I just don't think God was helping me today."
It made me think. If I knew today was going to be like this, had I imposed that on him. Had I already made up my mind how the day would be and therefore produced the negative result? Or was it just bad luck? I think a little of both. I am not a believer in luck. I believe everything is predestined and planned thanks to God. But I think our reactions to those things determines if we would label it a bad day or a good day.

Now for fun Stuff:
1. If I die soon husband just took out a new life insurance policy on me. The nurse came to take my blood and stuff. She did the same to me and husband. Except she measured husband across his chest. I said why did you not do that to me? She said well women don't like it. I said, "My chest is the only measurement I would not change!"
2. Daughter and son found a centipede. Daughter and son ran to Mrs. Brakefield to tell her. Daughter said, "We found a toysonous (poisonous) bug." Son said, "It was a recipede."
3. I want Mr. Turtle to die and live in heaven. He stinks and I am sick of him!
4. I forgot to register son for kindergarten. His next year counselor has a son on his T-ball team. She had even sent me and email reminder. I forgot. I never forget. What is wrong with me?
5. I called the Dr. this week and the nurse said, "Well with your age we should . . ." And then mother says, "It might be cancer. . ." THANKS.
6. Me, sister and Britney took our 7 kids out to a restaurant. I am not telling you where due to the DHR or police reports that may follow. I will say we got lots of attention. 3 out of 7 pooped. 2 out of 7 ate. We all have big purses with NO QUARTERS. Favorite saying of the meal, "Where is ____?" We were always missing one.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nothing New

Kids watching TV together!

Sometimes life slows down and I rejoice! This week has been kinda uneventful. I needed that and God provided. Rain, rain, rain means no baseball. Sad for son but happy for mommy and daddy. We have had lazy afternoons picking weeds in the front yard. I actually cooked every night this week which has not happened in a long time! The kids must have actually missed me cooking because they ate supper every night.

I did book us a WHOLE week at a condo this summer. Mikey Fresh is selling the beach home so this is our first "have to pay for ourselves beach trip." Husband wants a nice long vacation so we planned, saved and budgeted for a WHOLE week. I know some of you go on trips all the time. But for us SAHM it takes a whole lot more planning and money saving for this to occur.

I am already planning my summer. Meaning, I am planning how I can get childcare during the summer!:):) Son is going to baseball camp for one week and basketball camp for one week. Daughter might do a dance class for 5 weeks on Mondays. And don't forget VBS for one week. I can't believe this is my last summer with son before SCHOOL.

I need you all to be planning what I will do after I drop him off at school. I will need lots support. Just typing this, it makes me sick. God has blessed me with such Good Friends! I am so thankful to all of you.


Sister is starting to let the twins wear their crocs.

Turtle is still alive.

Mother went out with a friend the other day and did not know how to go the interstate to Patton Creek. (I told you she did not know the interstate connected from Alabaster to Hoover!)

Daughter now looks in the mirror and says, "I am something else!"

Hope you all have restful weeks and lots of nothing new!