Friday, July 31, 2009

Miles and miles

I left home last Saturday with the kids to husband's childhood home. And I found that even in small town Alabama, they are mourning the loss of Micheal Jackson. I did not ask Papa or Meme if they listen to Thriller while they eat supper but here is the evidence. We left out early Sunday morning for a full day of driving. I drove husband's little compact car and left my BIG OLE SUV at home. (LOL moment number 1) I had borrowed walkie-talkie's to talk to Papa Roach on the drive down. Mainly, to let him know when daughter needed to visit gas stations. Papa Roach really enjoyed the walkie-talkie's. It took him awhile to learn how to press the button and talk but he got the hang of it! 30 minutes into the trip, he asks me if I know what a SMOKEY is? This was his code for "the man with the radar." Every time he told me,"smokey behind you," I would laugh hysterically. Daughter asked me why Papa did not just call them the po-po? There is a whole other story about Papa Roach driving 90 mph in a severe thunderstorm and me trying to keep up with a broken windshield wiper (LOL moment 2) but we won't talk about that!
Meeting us at Ormond Beach would be husband's 2 sisters and their husbands and their sons and a girlfriend of a nephew. We would total 14. Did I tell you husband did not go on this trip?
Upon arrival, Uncle T notices Hotel Baghdad next door. I don't know if you can tell in the picture but it has a leopard print shower curtain hanging out the window. When nephew AC asked what was the building next door, Uncle T stated, a meth lab. (LOL moment 3) After further discussion it was determined a Hurricane had not hit this place in a long time and therefore was very little new construction.
The Atlantic Ocean is so much different then the Gulf. We all thought the waves were better! Crazy brother-in-law, Uncle M, convinces me to ride the waves with him, nephew J and girlfriend. I felt 12 again. We had a lot of fun. Meme rode the waves too but her bathing suite did not...we won't talk about that! Fun facts about the Atlantic. No boats, no oil rigs, no jellyfish, 100 times the salt and no jet skis. You can drive on the beach just not in the ocean! Try telling your children to watch out for cars while they are digging for sand fleas.
Daughter takes forever to warm up to people and is happiest in my lap. But yell, hula contest and she is first to sign up!
I love this child. He drives me crazy on most days and has a temper like a red head but when I see this ...I still melt. He is growing up too fast.
Nephew W. He will be a professional fisherman before too long. He towers over me and is only 14. He loves my kids and would give anything if daughter would play with him!
More nephews. Husband and I have 7 nephews. NO GIRLS on both either side. Do you wonder why she is so spoiled? Nephew AC is on the left. Husband and I started dating when he was 6 months old. His birthday is a reminder of how long I have been apart of the ROACH family. In the middle is my oldest nephew, J and girlfriend. J is as sweet as the day is long but he is his daddy made over. I tried for 30 minutes to flip him over in the ocean. He is as strong as an ox! J and his girlfriend are big hits with my little ones!
This is us on our Gilligan Island cruise. This is me, daughter, Aunt K, nephew A and Aunt P. Aunt P is the oldest and the leader of the group. When we had poop in the pool (LOL moment 4) it was determined we needed to plan another activity. Aunt K was elected to call and rent a boat. Boat man explained 12 was the limit on the boat. Aunt K being sweet and soft spoken says well we have 14 and 3 are little and none of us are overweight! Then I tell her, just tell them we have poop in our pool and we need something to do! She told him and he put us all on one boat. (LOL moment 5)
Uncle M lets son do safe activities. Like drive a pontoon boat after 5 min of being in the boat. Would it surprise you if I told you we got stuck twice? (LOL moment 6)
Papa Roach held daughter for her turn driving the boat. These two have a funny relationship. Everyone is scared of him and especially the grandkids. When he talks, they listen! Not daughter! She called him Papa Joe the whole trip. He tries to get her to love on him and once she obliged with a hug only to wipe Doritos on him.
Safe activity number 2 with Uncle M. Fishing off the back of the boat while cruising down the swamp river full of alligators. I now know why they call it the swamp...and I still don't like the FL gators!!!
Acting like they like each other. Don't let this fool you...they don't get along!
Uncle M has patience. Daughter has a lot of words. They work well together. Here she is telling him about the worms.
Look I found a worm!

The highlight of the trip, 2nd lost tooth pulled by Papa Joe!

This trip has a lot more memories and stories not all for the blog! This was the longest I have been away from husband since we married. SAD but true. I was homesick. I got up Thursday and packed my car in the dark at 4 am. I strapped 2 kids in their car seats and left by myself. 160 miles into the 540 mile trip the air on husband's car went out. I really almost had a nervous breakdown. Then it began to rain. No air, no defrost. The kids stripped off their shirts and I was wiping the inside of the window with daughter's shirt so I could see. Remember I had a broken windshield wiper. At that moment I was so glad the kids were with me. Because if I had been by myself I would have wallowed in self pity but because I had them...I had to roll with it. I had to make it fun. I had to play the cards that had been dealt.

Let me just say I have learned a lot about myself this summer and the miles I have traveled.
536 miles to Orlando and back.
279 miles to Ft. Morgan and back...twice.
544 miles to Ormond Beach and back.
And countless miles ran in my neighborhood with new friends this summer.

I have been constantly reminded that life is not about the destination, it is about the journey. As summer comes to the end I can say I am stronger then I was when it began and I look forward to the journey ahead...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Roach Vacation

(cartoon by
I will be leaving on A Roach Vacation this weekend. I am leaving husband and Yoda at home. Papa Roach is taking all his kids and their spouses and grandkids to Ormond Beach, FL. Husband is unable to come due to work and I am most nervous about taking the kids 10 hours away in the car! I feel like Disney World, round 2. I am worried that the above cartoon is how we will look when we make it down there or that is the way husband's family will look after hanging out with me and my crazy kids for a week. As long as the pest control man stays away, I think the Roaches will survive.
(cartoon by

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy 8th Anniversary

Once upon a time 12 and half years ago, a young girl and a young boy fell in love. . .

(The party picture is for Amy Martin!) He and I had 4 and 1/2 years in Auburn growing up and having fun. On our recent trip without kids, we talked about how different we are now. Thank God! But we always had fun together. I have told this story before, I did not know Roach was his last name. I thought it was his nickname. In college, I had many friends that I did not know their last name. It was not until we were carded going into a movie that I learned Roach was his last name. At that point, I was too far in and somewhere deep down knew I would too be a Roach one day...a Mommy Roach!
This was our first beach trip together. We went para-sailing. Now we have been to that same beach for the last 12 years endless of times. We both love the beach so much that we would marry on a beach four years after this picture was taken.
After we both graduated from the greatest university...we made it official. I am so thankful husband got to spend some time with my granddaddy.
Look at the engagement photo!! We said from the beginning we would marry on an island on the beach! I will say, it was not everyone's first choice for us. We knew our family wanted to be there to witness. We knew we wanted it to be about us and we wanted it to be fun. Husband being the not-so-gung-ho about big crowds was grateful for our intimate wedding. It was one of the best days of my life. I mean who can get married and go swimming before lunch?
My favorite story is we were asked what denomination would best fit our wedding. We chose baptist and we thought we will get a baptist minister. I saw this guy perform lots of weddings while we were there and I think he "served" every denomination.
Negril, Jamaica July 21st 2001. We were a little scared when we got home and our marriage certificate was tie-dyed! Not kidding. When I took it to the wonderful DMV, the lady laughed and went and called to make sure it was not a faux document.
And they live happily after...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nice Summer Day

After being at the beach, it was so nice to come home to this wonderful weather. I am now longing for football games and Saturdays at Auburn. I can smell the BBQ's and hear the cheering...I digress. SIGH. So we went on "a hunt" to the park. I had plans and a map of a park in Birmingham but 2 minutes into the ride I realized the kids were a little too impatient today to ride a long way. We detoured and went to an oldie but a goodie.
Orr Park is located in Montevallo, AL. I always forget how nice it is and how much fun it is for the kids. They have things carved in trees that are amazing. The kids love to run and find different ones that they have not seen before.
They have a creek at the park and my kids always end up in the creek. With only the towels I brought for us to sit on for lunch I said "just get your feet wet." Famous last words. They were soaked and had to ride home in just towels! "No mam, I am not soaked down to my underwears."
Photo courtesy of son. It was suppose to be hat day but Mommy Roach was the only one left with a hat at the end of the day.
Wow, I am really starting to love my camera...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Husband and I are taking a spur of the moment beach trip this weekend to remember this day. We will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary next Tuesday. Thank you MEME and PAPA ROACH for keeping the kids this weekend. I am planning a anniversary post with more pictures of our wedding day. I just keep looking at the pictures saying, "wow, we look so young!" Then I tell myself, "you are still young!"

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cheap Twin Fun

What to do on a hot summer day with your cousins? Play in the irrigation system in your underwear. There is no shame in underwear play in the front yard. I know that this will offend someone and someone will call us white trash. I just call it fun and less laundry.
These two are usually the ones that will be at odds. They both are "bossy britches," which they call each other occasionally. Today, these two were peas in a pod and only bossed me around.
This is them trying to aim the sprinkler head at each other. I am sure husband will think this is appropriate use of the sprinkler system. Where is Shep? He was not a fan of the camera. I have a lot of sideways shots of him but this is my favorite.
The older two broke away from the Wii only to come outside and demand the pool. I tried to convince them that the little ones thought the sprinkler was just as good as the pool. No luck. So off the 5 kids and I went to the pool. I am so thankful for these relationships. My sister and I are so fortunate to have children so close in age. There is always someone to play with and I know daughter will never have a bad boyfriend. She will have 3 boy cousins and 1 big brother to keep that under control. And I will remember the days when she played shirt and skins in the front yard...always crying to be skins.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yoda is One.

Yoda turned one on June 29th. I am so thankful for our little dog. He has helped ease our hearts with the loss of Macee and Sandy. He is the first little dog I have owned and the first boy dog. Pet Smart sent him a birthday card with a coupon for his birthday. Daughter got the mail that day and had to go immediately. So we loaded up Yoda and went to the mega pet store. Yoda got some more tennis balls since they are his life and he got this life jacket. Daughter saw it and had to have it. Yoda could be the most patient dog in the world and he allows us to humiliate him without negative feedback. I really think he is just glad not to be in a pink stroller which happens on a daily basis.

Husband's favorite part of the life jacket is the handle on top. It makes for easy carrying! Husband likes to throw the tennis ball and hold Yoda above ground and watch his little legs run in the air. Now some may call this mean but we just call it love.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jodi Picoult and the Public Library

I like to read and am on my 8th book of the summer. I have written on here how much I love Jodi Picoult. (Thanks to KBF) I can even give you a rating on all of her books. ALL of them. I read My Sister's Keeper over a year ago and it ranks #2 on my list. I had been anticipating the movie debut. I finally had the chance last Sunday night to go with Jenny(who I have passed on the love for Jodi)and Bre(who had no idea but was game for all things out of the house). Review is as follows: Why is it when they make books into movies they skip on important story lines and make up dumb things? Montana had this whole story line...I just don't remember that being in the book. Jesse,the son, was never shown as the arsonist. I see a building on fire and I tell Bre, Jesse is an arsonist. JK not in the movie. I had heard they changed the ending and I was expecting an easier ending to swallow. Wrong. I think it was a tougher ending to watch. I cried so much that my eyes were swollen the next morning. Bre almost had 2 panic attacks. Jenny is made of steel and only cried slightly. Husband can not believe I paid money to cry. He still has no idea about therapeutic emotions and it being half the reason I write this blog. That being said, I still loved the movie but love Jodi's books more.
The love of reading brings me to the story of the public library. Husband does not want to send me to Books A Million Anonymous so I check out books for FREE at the local public library. I need to preface this by saying one Christmas break while I was in High School, I worked at the library. I was "not a fit" for the library. I talked to "patrons" instead of ignoring them and just shelve my books. I was never allowed to answer any questions made by "patrons" because I was not suppose to talk. That job lasted 2 weeks. because the public library employs nazi's. I have several stories to back it up but here is what happened to me Tuesday.
Mommy Roach places 5 books and 2 movies on the desk to check out. Daughter is doing the potty dance. Son is mad because he had to give the books to the nazi. I give the nazi my card.
Nazi scans card.
Nazi: Your card has expired.
Mommy Roach: Oh, ok. What do I need to do?
Nazi: You will have to do it next time. I will let it slide but I mean this has expired. You will NEVER be able to renew online.
Mommy Roach: Well, I am sorry. I have time today to do whatever I need to.
Nazi: No you have to fill out a WHOLE piece of paper and I would need your driver's license. I mean your card is suspended.
Mommy Roach: Well I have my driver's license and can fill out a piece of paper. It is not that big of a deal. You act like I owe you money or something. This is a PUBLIC LIBRARY. It is FREE for goodness sakes.
Nazi: Here and fill and this out. (looks at the next "patron" in line) I am so sorry sir.

Note to self: Every 3 years your library card expires. There is no date on your card to notify you. The nazi's will not send you anything letting you know it expired. You will expected to know that in 3 years and then ridiculed in front of "patrons" for your SUSPENDED card.

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Birthday Party Week

My birthday celebration lasted a WHOLE WEEK. I got to have a date night out with husband last Friday night. (And I want to state for the record that was the sweetest post by him last weekend.) Shopping with mother on Saturday. My actual birthday was on Sunday. We went to church and then lunch with the family. Sunday night was a tailgate party at church. We had a Luau theme at our tailgate and fireworks afterward. It was tons of fun for the kids and adults.

Me and my sweet grandmother
Me and my babies, notice the bunny ears by daughter!
Carter, son, daughter and Madison having fun with leis.

Watching the fireworks.

My precious friend brought me a cake.

The next morning I was tired. Feeling 32. Then sister called and said come...she and her bestest friend plus family were at the beach house. I literally through clothes in a bag and left with the kids. Husband did not know when he left for work that morning, that he would not see us again until Thursday. Don't feel sorry for him. Him and quiet house had a great time. I too had fun. We had 7 kids at the beach. Lots of people passed through those doors while we were there. One night it was 7 kids and 6 adults. Sister obviously likes to entertain. My heart needs the beach as much as it needs Auburn football. I composed a little list of my favorite sayings from the beach so I don't forget the trip.

7 kids...count them!

Sister and Jen. Everyone thinks they are the real sisters.

Good times.

*I am going home.
*Should I go home?
*Jen brought ice.
*Dave brought bread.
*Every time I go to the beach with you two, I end up in the cage bed. (twin bed with side rails!)
*There is always a "beaches" moment with you two and it always involves a sweater.
*I am going home.
*There are two of us that are inappropriate.
*I am going to look at Jen's car.
*5 girls, 1 roach...roach won.
*I am going home.
*Is that chicken still on the stove?
*"Mommy can I have a snack?"...whispered.
*"No-No" the Italian grandfather who may or may not have been in prison who is now my daughter's best friend.
*The artist invited to draw with our children.
*Tacky Jacks being tacky.
*The laughs
*The talks
*The food
*The fun
*The music
*The memories
*I am going to cry when I go home.