Saturday, May 31, 2008

The end, the begining and the GRANDMOTHER

It has been awhile. You would think with the end of school, end of AWANA, end of baseball, end of top gun . . . that I would have tons of time on my hand. Not so much. We are like 8 days away from VBS. I have been very busy doing HGTV at home! We moved in 3 months ago but I am just now starting my renovations. Right now it is hard to type because I sliced my finger open hanging new towel bars and toilet paper holders. Husband even joined the fun changing lights.
Summer has begun. The pool has also opened which has already been worth the money! The kids get out of the house, don't fight while we are there and then come home hungry, tired and ready for bed. And the pool atmoshpere is much different from our old neighborhood. I will say, I never knew Mommies got so "gussied up" (as Mikey Fresh would say) to go lay out.
Son got to go to baseball camp this week at the High School. He was such a big boy. It was an all day camp that was outside in the hot sun. I figured by day three he would melt down but he was actually excited to go back. Maybe school won't be so hard after all.
One day while he was at camp daughter and I had a manicure and pedicure together. I must say, having a daughter to do girly stuff with is lots of fun. She was so proud of her toes and nails. She picked the color purple and she picked pink for mommy which is going against my Linkin Park After Dark but everybody needs a change sometimes! Afterward we had to get grandmother a cordless phone and set it up for her. Grandmother is my mother's mother. She and daughter are a lot alike. They have the same nose. They love all sweets. They love bread. They love to laugh and love to get their way. Well, Grandmother has a bedroom that Husband and I like to call her station. She has a 52 inch plasma TV, a Craftmatic bed, a recliner that lifts you up and down, 3 coffee tables loaded down, a bookcase, a keyboard, 2 hand weights and two dressers busting at the seams. On each table and dresser you will find candy or snacks. Daughter knows the five-o on the candy. All the grandchildren frequent Grandmother's and leave with candy and money. The money she gives, the candy they steal! Grandmother does not give her candy easily. On this day daughter was on a candy binge. She was eating candy as fast as she could find it. I watched my eighty something year old grandmother stuff candy under newspaper so daughter would not find it. She was trying to give daughter money so she would leave her candy alone. At one point daughter found some jello fruit snacks and my sweet grandmother lied to her and told her they were chocolate covered raisins so she would not eat them! Then my precious Grandmother told my daughter that a blow pop had peanuts in it and she could not have it! Daughter left with a twenty dollar bill and a Hershey kiss.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And that's the ball game folks!

Well baseball season has come and gone. Son made several outs as first baseman. He ended the season with TWO home runs. And he only had one major boo boo. It was so fun to watch him play. I love this age because he still looked at me when he did something good and gave me a thumbs up. Seeing him smile with his big dimples as he would touch home plate was priceless. But this season of our life is over until next year.
Ecclesiastes 3:1
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven
And with seasons of baseball come seasons of life. Granny Roach is now under the care of hospice. She is choosing not to remove her lung or undergo chemo due to her age. Big prayers for husband and his family.
Ecclesiastes 3:4
A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dear Teacher

Mrs. Brakefield,

I have started this letter several times. How do I even begin to tell you Thank You for teaching son. I think back to last year and me being uneasy that son would have a hard time with his Aunt being his teacher. It is almost laughable now. Now I wonder will you get to be his Aunt again or will you forever be Mrs. Brakefield.

He has learned so much. I am speechless with all you have taught him. You have colored, cut, glued, painted, read, taught, laughed and danced your way into his life all school year. Everything he could do before – he now does better. Things he could not even begin to do – he now does. But it is not just the schoolwork.

He did not just have his Aunt for his teacher but he had a friend. Someone to laugh with- someone to kiss his booboo - someone to cry tears of happiness when he made 100 on a phonics test – someone to recognize the signs before he lost his temper- someone to open his food or drink without him asking- someone who kept his secrets when you knew he was lying (i.e. He can tie his own shoe, He is going to Disney World, etc.)!

It has been a blessing to our family to have you as his teacher. I am forever grateful he had one more year of a teacher who loved on him and taught him about God. I will treasure all his journals. The day he wrote, “I like praying to God.” you came to my room to tell me. I know he will never have a teacher that cares as much as you do and did. I know he will never have a teacher who will know him like you do and did. I do know he will forever have a bond with you. He will forever trust you and love you. And so for that Mrs. Brakefield, I love you.

The Roach’s

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The End of MDO

Last week of MDO and I could not be more excited! I love my little babies in my room but I don't love, love them. I am ready not to venture north on I-65 in the morning traffic with 2 kiddos. I am ready to say goodbye to some crazy mommies in my class. :)
I am a little sad because son will be graduating the NOOK. He has been going to school there since he was 2 and has grown up walking those hallson a rope. When he started the NOOK he had a paci and diapers. He has been so protected there at the NOOK. Not only are they peanut free:):) but they have taught him so much scripture!! He recites bible verses like the ABC's. He knows the book, chapter, verse, etc. He is able to pray every morning at school. He has prayed for family, dogs, sickness, friends, and even Mr. Turtle during prayer time. His teacher leads him in a blessing before meals and snacks. In music, he sings praise songs. Manners are not only taught but required. Now he can read, write, add, cut, color in the lines, etc.
What will happen next year in public school? There will be no time for prayer request and no blessings before his meal. Not even bible verses to recite. No kisses from the teacher. No mommy peaking in on him during my lunch break.
I am rereading the Power of A Praying Parent. I need to really do a better job praying for my children. I think I have felt in control of their little lives. I have had them so close and under my care for so long. I need to learn to let go and pray over them more for God's protection not my protection.

On A Happy Note!!
*Son hit his first HOME RUN Friday night!! I cried! (&Bre cried)
*Daughter is starting dance this summer. I can't find a tutu in her size, ya know little bitty.
*The twins now say my name. Wynn kisses me and pats my back. Shep, well Shep has always loved me and would go with me anywhere. But Wynn's new trust in me is heart melting.
*I got an IPOD for mother's day. I know I am a little behind the times but son is furious I got one before him. He now is declaring that he wants one for graduation.
*Friend Karen got son a FREE basketball goal. How pumped is husband? Beyond.
*I had to work the nursery at church with Brother-In-law. Can you see him in the nursery? It was like Nanny 911 hit the 2 year old class!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Last Friday, in an effort to kill time before the doctor, I took the kids to Lowe's. We left with 2 citronella candels, one trellis, one squirel feeder and one bird feeder. The kids were pumped. They were of course upset when the wildlife did not come immediately. In fact we waited all weekend. Husband told us (I was upset too) that they (the wildlife) had to survey the area and tell their friends.
Daughter was sick all weekend with the croup and we were just laying around waiting on something to entertain us. Monday, daughter was worse and we went to the doctor again. When we got home husband told us we finally had wildlife . . . 4 crowes! While we were watching here came Mr. Squirel. Of how much fun! They are quite the crazy animal. He/she ate upside down and would suddenly forget it was hanging on and then down it would go to the ground. He ate all day. We sat and pretended we were talking for the squirel all day. The laughter was out of control. The kids thought nothing was better.
We got up this morning and there was Mr. Squirel. We got in from Mother's Day Out and there was Mr.Squirel laying on my swing. Belly up. Food empty. He ate the WHOLE BLOCK of food in 2 days. I quess husband was wrong. He never told his friends. He saved it all for himself.
If that was not enough wildlife for 2 days, son decided he is taking Mr. Turtle to school on Wednesday for Show and Tell. I am sure Mrs. Brakefield will love it. Maybe it can be the class pet. Even if there is only one more week left of school! Maybe he could become the church pet. One can only hope.
On a happier note, Granny Roach's test showed no cancer in the lymph nodes. She will have another biopsy surgery done on this Thursday to test the cancer in her lungs.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Love in Knoxville

Granny Roach came through her surgery just fine. Her lymph nodes are enlarged. They took a biopsy of some and removed some. We will not know until Monday the results. thanks for the prayers. Sending lots of LOVE IN KNOXVILLE.