Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Moments

The annual family photo. Son goofing off, daughter big cheese and me and husband totally looking in the wrong camera. I don't need to tell you, I hired someone to come this past Saturday to take our Christmas card photos and they went kinda like this picture. Do all mothers sweat while trying to get Christmas card photos? I was burning up.
Son learned to ride a bike with no training wheels! Thanks to the older cousins and Uncle Micheal he had a Thanksgiving we will never forget. He was so proud of himself.
The original Papa Roach and husband. Notice the orange and blue. This was before the destruction of Iron Bowl 2008 or as I like to refer to it as the day of mourning.

Daughter with her two older cousins. They are all grown up! One has a girlfriend and the youngest weighs as much as husband! I remember the first time I met them they were running around in their underwear throwing balls at me! Now they are my lifesavers at family gatherings and daughter has finally warmed up to them!
And after a long day in GVILLE daughter went sound to sleep with a sales paper. After this photo, me, Bre, mother and grandmother went to the Winfrey to sleep and shop. No one slept. Bre wanted to spoon all night and kept moving her pillow around. We were up at 3:45 and in the Galleria a little after 4:00 am. We laughed all day. It was the most fun. But I am still tired. Wish me luck this week, JINGLE BELL RUN in 6 days.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Little Indians

One little ,
Two little, Three little Indians. The kids were Indians at school. Mother kept calling daughter a pilgrim but she was an Indian. Carter and daughter had to tell their teacher what they were thankful for . . . Look at what they said:
Spoken like a little sister who has a big brother.
Her first true love . . .



Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Ghost of Christmas Past

This is a true story. Nothing has been changed. This happened to me today.
Last night Bre and I did some major Christmas shopping. I had a rather large purchase that took up the back of my car. I came home to find Mr. Scrooge, aka husband, on the assumed position of the couch. He was not so enthusiastic about hiding Christmas presents and broke the news to me that I would be going somewhere in the morning to hide the large purchase. So I left out at 6:30 am to run and hide a present. I called Mikey Fresh and he said he thought I should take the gift to my childhood home that no one really lives in. My childhood home is a little spooky. It was built in the 1900's and has a bit of a history. My dad's grandfather raised 3 boys and 1 daughter in that house. He was a farmer and Kent Dairy Farm was started there in that house. When I was little, I asked my mom if I could move my bedroom in the front bedroom. Mother quickly told me, "you don't want to sleep in there, PaPaw Kent died in there." Nice. He really did die there and my mother would tell me that frequently. Needless to say, that room really spooked me.
So after a good run at the gym, I was at my childhood home pushing what felt like a 400lb present through my old dining room. This house stays pretty closed up but is full of furniture and looks like it is still lived in. There is even a cat still at the location. Mikey Fresh told me to put the present in the front room which required me to slide this load a long way. When I approached the room where I can see the front bedroom, I notice it is set up like a office. There is a desk with a big leather chair. About that time, I notice a man sitting in the chair with
a red shirt on and a big straw hat. His back is to me and I can not see his face. I drop the present, wet my pants and freeze. I felt the breathe leave my body. It is Papaw Kent. A man I never met and a man I always knew about. I ran so fast out of that house. I locked the door and by the time I got in my car I was crying. I quickly call Mikey Fresh and I tell him. "Daddy, I just saw Papaw Kent. He is in that front room. The room he died in. He is sitting in that leather chair. He has on a red shirt and straw hat. He has come back to his house." Mikey Fresh, "Lulu, that is a mannequin. We got that at an estate sale. He is our secretary." I informed him the present was where I left it and then hung up on him. Unbelievable. A mannequin. My workout watch was still on and my heart rate was at 182. 182 for a mannequin. Needless to say, Husband will be going to get the present for Christmas. I will not be joining him.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday KristI Johnsey

Happy Birthday KristI Johnsey.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yoda's New Do

Yoda's first big boy haircut.

Sick babies

Finally we have neighborhood friends and everyone has little dogs. Yoda even has friends. The other day all these kids, their 2 dogs and my 3 dogs were all in my house. It was an event.

But today no one can come play. I am at home with 2 sick babies. Daughter has the croup and Son has walking pneumonia. I knew son was sick last night and we left AWANA early with him running a fever. Daughter was bouncing of the wall and went to bed singing. During the night I heard the familiar croup cough. I went to son's run to find him sleeping peacefully and then I heard that the croup was coming from daughter. We went to see our favorite Dr. and both got antibiotics and daughter got a steroid. Yeah for mommy. If anyone wants to adopt daughter while she is on a steroid, please feel free. It makes her bounce of the wall and talk 90 miles a minute. It does give her an appetite and for that mother will be glad. Son weighed 52 pounds today and daughter weighed 32. They are really growing up fast. Son is most sad that he is missing the Thanksgiving lunch at school today. GROSS. I told him he will get a much better one next week.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy 85th Grandmother

I have been blessed in the grandparent department. I was 25 before I lost a grandparent to death. And I still have two grandmothers alive and both in good health and living independently. I call my maternal grandmother, "Grandmother." She calls herself Bess short for Bessie. She may be short and stature but she makes up for it in personality. I just want to share a few of her favorite things which make up why I love her so much.
1.Girl can dress: For as long as I can remember, she has been a dresser. Head to toe: she matched. Shoes and jewelry are her thing. She has a size 4 shoe size and she can wear a heel but loves a boot.
2. Girl can dance: She and my granddaddy were square dancers so I spent nights at her house cutting a rug. I can remember her and granddaddy twirling my sister and I around in the den floor.
3. Girl loves sports: She loves the Atlanta Braves. She is a devoted fan. If they are playing a late game, she will take a nap in the afternoon so she won't fall asleep during it! I have had to go to her house numerous times to find where the braves are when the cable company would change the channels.
4. Girl loves some candy: I have shared this story before but she is a sweet eater. Just ask daughter, she can show you all her hiding place for candy, snacks and little sweets.
5. Girl invented the to go bag: I have never been out to eat with her when she did not wrap the bread in a napkin and put it in her purse. Go to her house and you will find butter, jelly, ketchup, salt, pepper, etc from local food establishments.
6. Girl likes to have fun: Every childhood vacation she and granddaddy went on with us. She would play Uno with me forever and once let me brush her hair all the way to Disney World. She has a contagious laugh that can light up a room. Mother says she would never discipline Uncle Don because she couldn't stop laughing. One time, Uncle Don hung her up on a hook on a door to keep from getting in trouble.
7. Girl can tell a story: My favorite story that she tells of her childhood is when she and her friends went to her teacher's house at night. They turned over her teacher's outhouse! She also tells another story of walking the railroad tracks and smoking cigarettes but I won't tell that one!
8. Girl can love: She loves without condition. My children are as close to her as I was at there age. Anyone who has ever met her always tells me, "I love your grandmother." People that know her love her because she loves them. She still to this day will let me lay across her Craftmatic and cry with me and then give me a Dr.Pepper and chocolate. She always has treated me and my sister like we were her own. I never remember her ever disciplining me (although I am sure she did) but I always remember her loving me.
Friday night we went to a women's event at our church and 250 ladies sang Happy Birthday to My Grandmother. I am a very blessed girl. I only hope that this girl has some of that girl in her.

P.S. This is a picture of my real mother with clothes on.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stubborn runs deep

Mikey Fresh came out with just a pacemaker and no blockages. We were very thankful. He was not. He was not a good patient and was probably the only patient that on the way to get a pacemaker had a CHEW in his mouth and had drank coffee at 4:30 am. He came out of surgery asking for his CHEW and was mad when sister and I made him eat first. What ever they gave him caused him to tell the truth. If you have ever heard me talk of my daddy you know he calls and talks one minute and then will say, "Daddy loves you." Sister and I never really talk to him. He gives little in the conversation department. Today, he was full of drug induced conversation. When we were alone and I thought he was asleep, he said, "Lulu, daddy loves you." Always in third person even when you are right beside him. But stubborn he is. I tried to feed him lunch. He had to lay flat and not sit up, one arm was tied across his chest, but he did not like the way I was feeding him and he insisted on doing it himself. He kept asking for his clothes so he could leave. He insisted on us giving him his CHEW and chapstick. But we had a good laugh when the hospital was full and he was put in Labor and Delivery. So now after a day with dealing with my stubborn daddy, I can see that stubborn may run deep in my family. I mean have you met my daughter? Husband is chocking that I did not say myself but I am too stubborn for that . . .

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mikey Fresh

Our dad is having a pace maker put in the morning. Please pray everything goes well. This was the family last Christmas. I can't believe how much they have changed.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Party with the enemy

If you can't beat'em join'em. We ended up at sister's to watch the AL/LSU game.Me making up with the brother-in-law.
Jen and me always in need of a chaperon.
My favorite is daughter is trying to get me to go push her in the swing and Georgie is just waking up. And Millie is just joining the girls.
Yoda loving Millie. Can you imagine the puppies? I know Kristi would get one.
Game over, here comes ALLEN.
Bre and me. Poor Bre, set up a pack and play, drove around for Bentley to nap and had to swing every child at the party.
Bentley and Kristi supervising all the food the twins ingested.
No one watching and Shep had a fight with a cupcake. The cupcake won.
My name is Wynn. He doesn't know that the Southern Living consultant did not say you should stack the solo cups in the party cooler. Did anyone ever see Wynn leave the food table?
Sweet Georgie passed out early in the game. Sweetest child.
Daughter and Carter getting their grove on. They had so much fun dancing.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

7 am run

Miles: 2.09 in my neighborhood
Time: 22 min 43 sec.
Better Brother in law?

Friday, November 7, 2008

On our way to buy a bowl . . .

On my way out the door but had to post. . .
No one is wearing jogging suits and we are going to Christmas Village. It could get hopping tonight.
Ran 3miles today. Brother-in-law shot down my time. Said I needed to be like a whole 4 minutes faster. I told him I am trying to finish the race not die trying. Brother-in-law reminded me he is not my cheerleader and he lives under the philosophy, die trying or go home. Nice. Made me mad. Probably going to start focusing on my time. Never dreamed I would care about time. For me it is the RACE. Just like LIFE. But I am now learning it is the journey that got me there that is important. Oh lessons from the new runner . . .

By the way, sent out a fat photo of me(just to people who would not laugh) and compared it to a current photo. WOW. Now that is what I need for inspiration. I am thinking about printing it out and putting it in my pantry and refrigerator.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Team Roach

After my recent run with brother-in-law, my 3 miles at the gym and a BIG pep talk from my dear friend Jaclyn, I have entered the Jingle Bell Run 5k on December 6th. I am running under the assumption that these myths will help me:
1. It is a mental game not physical
2. With all the people and atmosphere of the race, I will be able to push through
3. There is only one slight hill in the race
4. Brother-in-law is my trainer
5. Husband is joining my team and running with me (Does it get more supportive than that?)
6. Our Team Name is TEAM ROACH

Check out our team page:

It is for the arthritis foundation so I will be running for my Grandmother who suffers from arthritis. I also will be running for myself. A year ago I could not have run a mile. My 30th year was about a new look, designer jeans, body falling apart, new friends, a renewed commitment to Jesus Christ and trying to remember who I was and what I wanted. 31 has been about trying to reclaim my body. I think this is how I will keep up my weight loss goals. . . by training for races. I know Jaclyn and Husband will not really run with me. You see, they are runners and I am a jogger. If you are a jogger and would like to join TEAM ROACH please sign up under our Team Page. The race is December 6, 2008. You may also make donations for the arthritis foundation under our name.:) I personally will be taking I-Tune donations for new songs to run to . . . Prince is getting old.
Wish me luck during my training over the next month.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Kiss November

How can we fight back against No Shave November? Due to the phenomenon sweeping the Westwood nation, I am declaring No Kiss November. This will save all us wives from red scratches around the mouth. Even hugging is an obstacle. I have to do the head on the chest hug. Not to mention, the shaping it up shave is making a mess in my sink. Another revenge option is for us wives use the men's razors this month causing them to go dull when December 1st rolls around. OHHH a dull shave, can you imagine their pain? Revenge option#3 is to volunteer all the men as shepherds, wisemen or some other Bible character for drama performances in December. Another option is us women not shaving. I can't commit to that due to my OCD behaviors regarding shaving but their might be some of you ladies that wouldn't mind not shaving. I have provided several outlets for you wives and I am sorry my husband had any part in starting this hairy situation. If you have another revenge option, please let me know.
We should all be scared. We now have men blogging and not shaving. Next think you know they will be singing "Kum Ba Ya" around a campfire talking about the days of kissing.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Husband has had several blogs written about him.

It is time we rally and force him to write a blog. He is NOW writing, "THE ROACH APPROACH." Check the link. He has had a good day today. He was actually excited because he and the guys in Celebration have started NO SHAVE NOVEMBER. Thanks to the great Micheal Stone. They discussed the terms of the contract on Sunday. If they shave before December 1st the kids get to throw a pie in their face. Speedy was roped in due to he too works in Celebration. Speedy took it to "the guys" today on his show. Not only did the Celebration guys get a shout out today but NO SHAVE NOVEMBER has taken over this radio show in Birmingham.
So check out this web page and see how not shaving has taken over the world this month.

Weight Loss and Running with the Professional

The Food Nazi's are closing. I went in last Wednesday to weigh and their inventory was stacked to the roof. I was able to get all my inventory but probably will not be getting any refund. I would have gotten a huge refund for meeting my weight loss goals. I am completely bummed. The program has worked so well for me and I need the accountability of weighing in. I can still weigh in until November 19th and supposedly they are going to offer the program online. I doubt. One man came in yelling about them closing and no refund. The only employee left had had it! She yelled at him and said, "I am going to help my customers who have been doing the program. Not you. You are still fat. All you do is come and get the candy bars!" Food nazi's still not losing their touch. I wonder what they will do for their next job. I am sure yelling at people will not go over well with another human resource department. I found a website that said in training they learn, "the more they cry . . . the more they buy." Now I know. I pray I find another way to continue my success. I am starting to get my face back under all the weight.
Feeling a little down about the nazi's closing. I decided to go to the gym early Saturday morning to let off some steam. I had to stop at sister's before and I decided to beg her to run with me. I do not like the crowd at the gym on Saturday. It is creepy. Sister and Jen were going for pedicures and sister did not want to sweat. Brother-in-law finally gave into my whining and went with me. Well actually, I went with him. He promised to JOG and take me on his run route. If you know where they live, you will enjoy this. If not bear with me. We start out behind their house and through the woods to Nana Kent's. Then we were off on our jog down the gravel road to my dad's house. We ran up the hill the Region's bank, by the Post office (I apologize if you saw me) then down the new Kent Farms Commercial development all the way behind Publix and Starbucks. I thought we were going to jump a fence and get back on Fulton Springs Road. Brother-in-law said "no we turn around and go back." I believe I said an ugly word and started walking. My heart rate was 189. Brother-in-law ran on and then he would say now sprint. Sure. At this point I realized I was running with a professional athlete. He has played sports since he walked. He is a machine. He also spits while he runs. I don't know what that does for him but it must help with his breathing. Because he did not pant like me. We got back to his house and he ran in, I said, "I will be at my car getting water. If I don't come in, it is because I died." Sister and Jen can tell you how red I was and how I think my face was actually pulsating. Brother-in-law was just folding clothes, changing diapers and acting like he just walked to the mailbox or something.
I did learn 2 important lessons from the nazi's and brother-in-law.
1. No one can run your run for you. It is your run, your race. So much like life. You have to live it, no matter how hard or how easy, you have to go through it.
2. I think I found a bigger food nazi in brother-in-law, he might be my new mean personal trainer.
PS I am giving Brother-in-law a counter thing to figure out the distance of our run. I am thinking 3.5.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice was Incredible.
I fell awful son did not get to go. I thought it was more preschool but I now know he would have loved it. Daughter and Carter were so good. Bre and I had so much fun watching them react and talk to each other about what was going on. They fight like brother and sister but they really are best friends. One day . . . one of these two will break the other's one's heart. But for now it is true love.

Recap in Pics

I made the costumes for Bible Character night at AWANA. Daughter was Eve . . . snake and apple in hand. Son was Noah . . . hammer and animals in hand.
Carter, daughter's best friend and boyfriend, said he was Jesus. Their teacher said if daughter was Eve, Carter was Adam and she would succeed in taking him down.
Husband being a ROCK STAR in Awana leading the boys in round singing. Good times.
Cutest poodles on the block.
BATMAN . . .Dark knight. . . Are you scared?
Speechless but making rounds. This is the tooth fairy.
Nana Kent always with Twinkies and this year doughnut sticks.
The Real Nana and Grandmother. I am sure mother will be glad her real photo showed up.
Still rolling and trick or treating in the neighborhood. Notice Gingerbread Man. Son's school room mascot and his for the weekend!
Little Yoda pooped and still showing off his xray as daughter would say.
Daughter refusing to participate in pictures for Community Helper Day at school.

WOW. I am tired are you. I have never dressed them up so much in one month. Now on to turkey month.