Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Funny Freaky Friday

Update:Daughter's ear is remaining clogged for the trip. It will be unclogged when she gets new tubes in June! :)
Now onto the things that I am consumed with this week...
I am obsessed with the Jon and Kate scandal. And the fact that the commercials for the next season keep saying, "Jon and Kate will meet for the first time..." WHAT? On camera? For the first time? Just saying...I am obsessed. I can't even talk about it without getting emotional. I sometimes think about sending the email telling them the pains of divorce and affairs. Just ask my dogs. Sweet Sandy gets to go to mothers while we are on vacation. She will be fed, loved, walked and spoiled. Yoda gets to get neutered and go to daddy's, where he will probably be put in a pin.

I get the feeling we will look like the above photo when we pull into Disney World.
Husband's parents came to visit for daughter's recital. I think it was real exciting times. Notice husband and I are the life of the party. I guess we did not want to be rude and take our nap in the bedroom.
Daughter never naps. NEVER NAPS. That was before we borrowed sister's double stroller for our trip. We have found her like this several times. This was her after the Kenny Chesney concert. Just sad.
Look at husband in this picture. If you did not know better, you would think he was having a good time . . .coral necklace and all.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2 Days from Disney

We are two days out from Disney.
Here is how the week is going...
Saturday night: Daughter up all night...earache...no drainage
Sunday night: Daughter up all night . . . earache . . .no drainage
Monday: Daughter, fever, pink eye, doctor, bad news ...needs new tubes. Tube is clogged! (I asked this 4 weeks ago about the same ear when no drainage occurred!)
Tuesday: Daughter wakes up with snot coming from eyes and nose...looks awful
Tuesday afternoon: Son gets Super Reader Award at school but I don't get any pictures because my camera fell and broke. My camera broke days before documenting the wonderful world of DISNEY.
Wednesday: Pick up my car after being serviced and the small crack I had gotten on my trip with husband back in February had now spread the length of my windshield. Husband as you can imagine is already done with the trip and we have never left. He did go and get me my birthday(June) and anniversary(July) present today...

Our plans for Thursday now include a trip to the ENT where a small procedure will take place to unclog the tube in daughter's ear. I really feel my Funny Freaky Friday will be nothing but the good stuff.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Game Over

Tball is over and next year we will be on the pitching machine. It is hard to say what I will miss most about son's tball years and it maybe his coaches. Coach Kaine and Coach Woody were not strangers to me. I knew them both growing up and was lucky enough to get them two years in a row. Sometimes watching the coaches is as much fun as watching the kids. Woody will fall out on the sidelines when something goes wrong. Kaine has been known to run around the field and pick kids up and hold them upside down when they make a good play. I feel we have formed a little family with some of these families. I am thankful for the coaches who encourage, teach and even discipline my child. I am thankful for the fun they have brought to our lives.
Then there are these moments that I will miss the most. Down, ready and whistling! To watch your child make an out or catch a ball is exciting and a proud moment. To watch your child miss a ball or get out can be painful to watch. Last year, son would cry every time he got out or missed a play. This year I watched him grow. I would watch him get mad at himself and then shake it off and make a great play later. He turned into a ball player. He still hates to loose but he accepts it and shakes it off.
He learned self confidence this year. I am not sure this was all on the field, I think he thinks he is BIG POPPY from his PlayStation game when he is up to bat! This is him hitting one of his 9 homeruns this year. One of my favorite moments came when one of his teachers from church came up to him at the ballpark. He told son, "you know why you hit all those homeruns today?" Son replied, "well I ate my breakfast." Then he told him, "no because God is good." Son later told me that someone at church had told him baseball was clutter in his life. I had to explain to him how baseball can be clutter if it becomes more important then God. So for all the people who think baseball or sports is from the devil, I vow otherwise. It is growing my little boy into a boy who shakes it off, accepts defeat, savors winning and ends all battles by shaking hands. GAME OVER.

Monday, May 18, 2009


We are four days away from DISNEY WORLD. The kids have been saving coins and dollars for their trip since the fall. We had 3 Rubbermaid buckets one with silver, one with pennies and one with dollars. I took them all into the bank today after rolling all the coins. Daughter went with me and was so excited for the grand total.
I am so proud of them for saving. I never knew how much change we had! Mother claims daughter took it all from her car and couch. I did not say I was proud of where it came from...just that they saved it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Memory Verse # 10

1 John 4:18
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Take A Bow

Her first recital!
I love being a parent and celebrating those first moments. I was sad it came during my son's tball game (where he got a home run and several outs at first!) but it was so much fun. It was a rainy day here but her hair held up great with tons of hairspray! She let me roll her hair again and put on makeup! This is her in her pj's headed to perform.
Mother was a big help with make up and entertainment. Trying to keep her off the floor with white tights was an ordeal! If you danced even in one recital, thank your momma! 2 min dance was a lot of trouble!
So sweet.
Madison and daughter with all their make-up on. I really could vision myself doing Tantrums and Tiaras.
Meme and Papa came up from Greenville to watch their only granddaughter dance.

My favorite moment was when she started instructing her class off the stage. Some were frozen and she was doing what she does best, boss people around. Where does she get that?Joey said this guy made it all worth while! Not his daughter, ELVIS!

Thursday, May 14, 2009



Monday, May 11, 2009

My mother's day reward

Mother is now a NANA. Daughter asked me the other day how will I know where her house is when she had kids of her own. I told her, I will be like NANA and I will always know where you are and I will always keep up with you. I know I will probably never measure us to NANA in daughter's eyes but I am blessed that God chose me as her daughter. I was a snooper growing up. Always looking for a hidden Christmas gift or present...and one day I found a journal. I started reading it and mother had written down all her prayers for me. Prayers to pass a test, prayers to resolve a conflict with a friend, prayers for my health....my mother covered me with prayers. Being thankful for that or saying thanks doesn't seem enough. Daughter is really looking more and more like Mother to me. I am so blessed to live close by my mother and am thankful that daughter has a special bond with her!
Why are we so happy? Because we did not have to eat lunch next to our kids! JK. I am sporting my new necklace husband ordered for me (with a little help and link sent by me to him). It has son and daughter's name on individual coins. It is simple and just what I wanted! Thank you husband for clicking.
Grandmother took all of us out to eat after church. If I talk about how much she means to me, I would never make it through this post. I can not think of a moment in my life that she has missed and now she is there for all the moments with my children. She is not average or typical. She is extra. Extra special, extra funny, extra sweet and extra loving. My kids have acted awful in front of her and she has never spoken a harsh word about them but instead has loved them and told me this too shall pass. On a day when I should be taking her out, she took us out. That is my Grandmother.
When did these two grow up? I mean these were our first babies. Please slow our time down with them... I pray they are always close friends and look out for each other.

Meanwhile son is still playing ball. Of course I never get video of homeruns (8 for the year). So here is a triple. Still some of my proudest moments of my child are on that baseball field. I LOVE IT!!! HAVING A BALLPLAYER ROCKS.

Manic Monday

I am a little manic today.
I might be pretend packing my car today to see how much I can fit in the car for Disney World.
I tried on coolers for Disney World in Target today. TRIED them on. Like how it will feel to carry.
I practiced opening and closing sister's double jogging stroller for Disney World. I have Googled too much today. I still can not find a coral necklace for Husband on Thursday. Four days until skinny Kenny! 2 more days at the NOOK. One more Awana. Daughter's dance recital is this weekend. We will all miss son's tball game (to go to daughter's dance recital) and this is where I get to choose my guilt. Daughter has one dance recital, son has 16 ballgames. Makes me manic just thinking about him with no one cheering him on. It will be hard to make up for my loud voice. I think May makes me crazy. Too many endings in 2 weeks time. I think they should spread out the endings.
Just a little manic today.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Funny Freaky Friday

Starting with Freaky today. I work in the baby room at a MDO. We have a baby in our class with parents from Iran. Sweet family and beautiful baby. Baby is around 9months old. He does not eat real baby food but instead "soups" his mother makes him. It looks like mush that is made with lentils, peas, potatoes, rice, chicken, and other stuff. Yesterday I heat his soup and then take off the top and there on top are maybe 4 chicken bones. Wendy (my co-worker)and I discuss what to do with the chicken bones. Baby has no teeth and even if he did, who eats chicken bones? So I dig around the bones and feed him the mush. Wendy calls me tonight saying the mother called her wanting to know what the baby ate for lunch. Wendy tells her and she screams "please tell me he did not eat the bones, I sent the wrong bowl!" So who was suppose to eat the chicken bones?

Now to my funny. Daughter's teacher comes to my room and says she asked the kids questions about their mommies for a Mother's Day project. She asked daughter, "What does your mommy want to be when she grows up?" Daughter responds, "A BIG GIRL DANCER!" When asked to clarify her statement, daughter answers, "LIKE ON A POLL OR SOMETHING." My face was beat red. I will try to explain to all of you like I had to explain to her teacher. No, I do not have a poll in my house. No, I have never taken my daughter to Sammy's. No, I do not let her watch poll dancing on television. Yes, SISTER, has taught her to dance. Yes, SISTER, has taught her to poll dance at her house with the columns in her dining room. Yes, SISTER, taught her this at a family gathering and it seemed innocent. Yes, SISTER, is in trouble and daughter is on restriction.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Friends passing through . . .

It started when sister began piano lessons from this boy's mother. My first memory of Shane was when his mother called my mother to ask what new jewelry was in my possession. Shane had been stealing his big sister's jewelry and giving it to me at school. Second Grade. Little did I know how God would grow that relationship. He was the first old friend I called when moving back to my home town. He came to do my insurance and invited me to Sunday School. Telling me stories of his neighbor friends. I moved into those neighbor friends house nearly 2 years later. I remember him sitting in history class our senior year of high school and him showing me a photo of a Columbiana girl. He said, "I will marry her!" And he did! I did get to come home from Auburn and attend their wedding. I did not know I would love her as much as I loved him.
Sweet as they come. Would give you her car if you needed it. Smart, beautiful, loving, kind and would never let you tell her any of that! Can't stand for you to tell her thank you. They have moved away for Shane to answer the call as a Music Minister. I would tell you Jaclyn just got in from the beach and that is why she is so dark...but she is always that dark!
Prom 2009 with the 30 somethings! Son took this photo and I think he did great considering we had to sit him on a bar stool and Karen coached him for 15 minutes. The other foreigners are Brain and Summer from Mississippi.

My first Sunday after moving home (and in the Sunday School class Shane asked us to come to) I listened to this face talk about she would be going back to work the next day and her husband had decided to answer a call on his life and go back to school while being Mr. Mom. Shortly after that Sunday Summer calls me and asks us to come over for dinner, she was cooking pizza! Friends from then on! They moved to MS almost 3 years ago. We miss them so much.

Now it is just me and Karen. Karen is good at making us all get together. Trying to plan something with 4 busy families is hard. We all have two children a boy and a girl and we are all out of the business of more children. There are no pictures of the kids because they were off throwing playdough on walls and jumping on beds!
I did catch one picture of husband and Sarah (Brian and Summer's baby) snuggling. I miss my friends for so many reasons but it is these moments with the kids I miss the most. The kids have all gotten so big and grown up. I am so glad God provides friends passing through...

Memory Verse #9

Luke 12:35 Be dressed ready for service and keep you lamps burning.

What do I want my savior to find me doing when he returns?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Funny Freaky Friday

I want to start a new Friday blog about funnies. You know just to share the things and thoughts that go through my head...

Why on the Stein Mart commercial does it say they sale "High Fashion"? I am not a HIGH FASHION girl. I love a good target buy. I do have a new love of designer jeans but mostly I think Gap is High Fashion enough for me. I just never thought that of Stein Mart.

Swine Flu. I actually had someone want me to have daughter tested for it this week. Because she ran a fever and had an ear ache? I now want to dress her up in pink and paint her face like a pig. I think I will just tell her it is TOOT and PUDDLE day at school.

Son has gotten way to serious in carpool. He tries to exit the car very fast without giving much on the goodbye front...so I have a new thing. When son gets out of the car in the morning for school I like to say things really loud to him. Examples: "It's Friday, Get your Treasure!" "Who rocks the school? I said a you rock the school!" "Whoo, Whoo!"

Sandy always left Macee(our lab) some of her food. Macee would stand and look hungry after eating all of her food and then Sandy would leave her a handful of left overs. Sandy still leaves her leftovers for Macee. It is like she is waiting for her to come home. It is so sad. If Yoda goes near the leftovers he is as good as gone. It is heartbreaking to see that food every morning. Then came the crow!
It is huge. It comes on my back porch and eats the leftovers. I am scared of it. It yells at me if I try to scare it away. It creeps me out. Then on the way to school yesterday there was a crow standing on the railroad tracks. I look at it, and it starts yelling at me. I feel like I am in the twilight zone. Like they are following me. I now have Corvidophobia. I am thinking of getting a BBgun.