Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did not let my children stay up late all Christmas break and now am wondering how to get them back on schedule. I would never let my children get off a healthy schedule. NOPE NOT ME. I did not take a video game back to Target and tell the cashier that Santa left it and forgot to leave a receipt. I would never cause unknown individuals to lie for me. NOPE NOT ME. I did not take my kids to grandparents for two days for me and husband to just "sit at home." I would never just enjoy doing nothing. NOPE NOT ME. I did not dream that Publix was closing and the lady at Publix said to me, "now you have to buy Wal-Mart meat." I would never wake up in a cold sweat from said dream. NOPE NOT ME. I did not cry at ESPN's college football highlights from this year. I would never cry over football. NOPE NOT ME.