Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We're Back

Fall Ball has been going on for a month now and real games have started. This is son's first year off the "tee" and on the pitching machine. It is a whole new world and tons of fun. Thank you God for a child that loves baseball. And the bat he is holding is a story in itself. A family from our church watched son in the batting cage one day and then delivered a new bat to him at church on Sunday. And not just any bat. A bat son has been wanting. A $250 bat from a family we barely know...that just leaves me speechless.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crazy Hat Night

Our church has AWANA on Wednesday nights. I get to hang with 4th grade girls and husband is the game guy. Daughter is in Cubbies with her Carter and her Jonah and her Mrs. Bre. She loves it. Son is in Sparks. We had crazy hat last night which is usually pretty easy to do. I was already running on low fuel and the kids wanted "Super" crazy hats. Last year, daughter wore a camo hat and son wore a AU hat with Aubie's tail safety pinned on the back. (not so crazy but they loved it!) Of course this year we just had to have "Super" crazy. Let's just say after 40 minutes of me acting like "NOT" mother of the year and the kids crying and laying on the floor, we settled on taping things to their bike helmets. They dispersed to the garage and came back with these items for us to tape to their hats. I must say it was really funny and daughter looked hilarious. Son stated his was a game hat. So thanking God that He saved our Wednesday night with duct tape.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tenessee Review

Tennessee, Tennessee, there ain't no place I'd rather be. Back to Tennessee.

I have wanted to take husband to an away game forever and the dream came true this weekend. We HAD intended to attend the game without kids and with his cousins but son had other plans. He really wanted to go to the game (a child after my own heart!) and when 2 free tickets showed up, we could not say no. My mommy roach review word for the weekend was AUsome. The weather was perfect, I mean Tennessee knows how to do fall. We got to spend time with husband's aunt. She had a new friend for the kids to play with. Tiny Tim never knew attention until we came to visit. I forgot my camera and have no pictures of the river walk area we went to on Friday night. They have a VOL navy with tons of boats docked for tailgating and these boats were no john boats with trolling motors. We are talking yachts with waiters and fresh flowers. There were even AU boats parked complete with and Aubie inflatable. Roger and Donna are husband's cousins and they are HUGE Tennessee fans. They gave us the Tennessee game day weekend and we loved every minute of it (and all 4 quarters I might add!). Their tailgate friends treated us like family and feed us the best ribs in town. We had so much fun hanging out on the "wall" yelling at all the AU fans walking to the game.
And then the game...

If you have never gone to away game, buy your tickets now. You will never experience anything like walking into a stadium and being out numbered by 75,000 other people. Seeing it through my child's eyes was pure joy. He watched every play. He screamed louder then he has at any game. He would hug me and kiss me when we would score. After the first quarter, he looked at me and said, "I am going to graduate from Auburn and be an Auburn tiger for my whole life." Folks, my work is done.
If you have never walked down your opponents ramp singing, "It's great to be and Auburn tiger!", then you are missing out. If your child has never lost his voice from cheering on his team, then buy some tickets. If you have never watched Trooper Taylor wave his towel and bump chest with his team, buy a camera and get your tickets. I appreciate fans of all teams but I love my Auburn fans. When a Tennessee fan behind me was less then hospitable, it was Auburn fans who took me in. They found room for me and son close to husband and daughter. They wrapped daughter in their coat and gave her M&M's.Listen to my son scream at the end of this...

And this daddy held this baby the WHOLE game. We kept thinking she would pass out but she made it until 1am! To Roger, Donna and Channing....thank you just doesn't say enough. It was on my top 5 family trips of all time. To Betty, thank you for the food, the beds, the showers and staying up until 1am to see us home safely. And Betty, I promise we did not just come for the just happened to be that weekend! LOVE TO ALL MY TENNESSEE FAMILY.