Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun In Pictures

What happens when 2 three year olds play mommy-baby unsupervised. Yes, that is baby powder, diapers and footed pajamas.
Daughter finally allowed mommy to do pig tails.

Wynn in a size 5T! He was so stinkin cute. This picture does not do justice.

Son is 6!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

People call me names

Bre reminded me I had not shared some stories on my blog. I have kinda had blogger block. But I feel unleashed tonight. I am not sure why but people feel like they can tell me anything. Somethings good, somethings bad and somethings I just did not need to know. Maybe because I too share the gift of openness. My last Sunday School teacher told me I had the gift of openness and realness. I am one who will just say it! Usually this gets me into some trouble but I just don't hide who I am. Therefore, I believe others feel they don't have to hide anything from me either. This can be a little bit . . . hard to swallow.
ex. 1 As you all know I am going to THE PLACE to lose weight. They are the food Nazi's. They called me on the phone the other day after I had been there to tell me after looking back over my chart, I ate one too many fruits on Tuesday. Should have only had 2 not 3. Forgot the 4 cranberries on my side salad would cause such havoc. Then the nutritionist explained I should not have eaten my can of Minestrone soup. I should have made it fresh. Now mind you, it was my son's birthday. I did not eat the pizza or cake or candy and opted for a 60 calorie soup instead. Then I got in trouble because of its sodium content. Then the lady looks at me and says, "You have a choice to make. You can either be obese or eat salt." She closes my folder and walks out.
ex.2 Our cable went out on Sunday. Cable lady, "They will be there Monday." On Monday, Canadian cable man, "They will be there on Wednesday." I said no today. They promised the technician will call me back . . . never does. On Tuesday, Indian man, "There is an outage in your area now and no one will be coming!" I request a supervisor. Supervisor, Indian Man #2, "Mam, are you stupid? No one is coming to fix your cable." I then said, I want to talk to your manager. There was no one over him. Customer service would not even talk to me. When the technician finally came, I told him my saga. He laughed out loud. He said, "Was it some guy in India that tried to say his name was Dave or Bob?"
So I guess, what I am learning is I don't really liked to be called names. And I can't believe at 31, I was called obese and stupid in the same week.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Brother In Law Won!!!
After a fabulous pre-celebration party at Buffalo Wild Wings. I think there were 30 of us. Kids accounted for half. And was I the only adult to eat at the table with them? Thank heavens for sweet Bailey who just sat by me and talked. I did not think I would make it through that restaurant without a little help from SISTER.
I brought 15 red,white and blue balloons for all the kids to take home. Brother in law said, yeah that is just what we need, something to draw attention to ourselves. I was glad to see most dressed in their red, white and blue. I think daughter looked the cutest.(Besides all the other little girls there!!)

Mother never knew such fun. Instead of all boys, she had all girls. And husband bonded with sweet Brenna who decided against big sister advice, he might be cool after all.

SO PROUD OF U Brother-In-law. Now we need to talk about a minor incident on my record, it happened back in 19 of 95. It involved a run in with Johnny Law of the Pelham location and I just need to know that , hum hum, it is clear.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Brother In Law For Council

Brother In Law's election for city council is tomorrow. I am so proud of him for his hard work and campaigning. I feel he led a clean race and stuck to the issues. However, against his campaign managers advice he would not allow the use of T Shirts as a marketing tool. i feel Six on Your Side will be calling soon to schedule the LIVE feed to the ponderosa in the woods. I will see all you supporters tomorrow night. I will be the cute brown one who has lost as of today, 16.75 inches and 18 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!

You may see Brother In Law in action on:

Good luck Brother In Law, I am proud of you either way!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Love to Knoxville

This is Husband's cousins husband. . . today his nephew was shot and killed in a school shooting in Knoxville, Tn.
This is their son and my son. We have nothing but love for this family and we are grieving with them tonight. As I send my own son off to school, I never dream he would ever be shot there. It is a very sad situation. Please lift them up in your prayers.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

Son and his teacher who is Mrs. Kindergarten. She doesn't look it but she used to help babysit me. I grew up with her at church and she has been teaching 16 years. She is so little and sweet. God really blessed us big time with this teacher!

Me, Miss Type A, was a little early for school. We sat on the benches outside and I tried to get lots of hugs and kisses. Son told me, "Mommy, look at me! Do not kiss me in there!"

We got double blessed by the fact son has friends in his class. 2 boys from his baseball team and his "Best Girl", Aby. Aby's mommy and I get to be room moms together! Yeah for us!

I think daughter will be the saddest. At 10:00 this morning she asked could we go get bubba.

Last night we had a Back to School party for dinner. Plates, cups, napkins all with stuff he picked out. Even Cupcakes. (I am still on the diet so I had to eat sugar free jello, but it was a still a treat) Before our dinner we all wrote what we wanted son to accomplish at Big School this year. Son wrote he wanted to learn how to make a dinosaur. Husband wrote he wanted him to learn how to tell time, know the days of the week, etc. I wrote to show the love of Jesus with others. Son said, "I know mommy. Because at my old school we were taught about Jesus and talked about him but at this school I can only show His love." Precious moment.
Oh! On a funny note! Carlos:aka Arnold the roofer was at parent orientation.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #2

These two will be in the same Kindergarten class, starting TOMORROW.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Date Night

I have patrond sips and strokes before with just girls and had a wonderful time. But Friday night the girls decided to drag the boys along for a fun date night. Husband was not gung ho! He could not believe we would paint for three hours and pay to do it! It was Auburn/Alabama night and I convinced him boys would be there! (In fact, I knew Joseph and Dave would.) Let me just say, as far as favorite date nights go, this will rank among the highest. Husband would agree. The boys decided to sit across from us and took their painting very seriously. Husband thought flashing Bre with his apron was the highlight.
I thought him trying to get the apron on was a highlight.

Dave broke rules by choosing different colors. And he was very serious about it!

Joseph spent his time charming the 60 year old ladies beside him. I think they were trying to take him home.
Even Bre was able to make her Big Al, girly!

She wanted me to put a bow on Aubie and let that one be for daughter. But I reminded her that Aubie could not be a sissy only a fat elephant!
Cyndi gets the fastest painting award. JK. When we left Cyndi was beginning the strips on her tiger. I spoke with her the next morning and she confirmed she did complete the painting and even ended her night at Waffle House. Now that is a date night that could not be beat!
Favorite sayings of the night:

"Waffle House scuttered and shuttered!"

"Poo Poo Mommas!"
"She has a lighter in her bra!"
"Look at how red Joseph is!"
Vote for your favorite painting! If you have not been yet, GO! Alabaster is next on the list to get a Sips and Strokes. So plan a girls night or take your spouse! So much fun!

Husband hiding behind his painting!