Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Awana Slime Night 2009

It starts like this... 20 questions, 3 bonuses. If all goes well they get rewarded. They work so hard all year learning verses and digging into God's word. This is me and Janna (a blog reader) asking the questions. Our husbands are in the background thinking they might be safe. Bre in the background for camera shots...
Guess what our girls missed like 2. They rocked it. They got what the wanted. Slime (vanilla pudding with green food coloring), pies to the face and silly string.

Loving my slimy sister in Christ.
Tony (another blog reader) and Janna's husband who has been a faithful helper this year with these girls who need good male role models. Thanks big Ton, it has been fun.
Me and my friend. Notice Nate in the background holding Mrs. Jenny's babies who were so sad about what was happening to their mommy.

Husband came out a lot cleaner this year. I think he was hiding in the bushes.

We sent this into the blog to the right. But more importantly these girls at the end of the night of fun prayed the sweetest prayer for this baby.

I know, nice outfit I had on...think layers. I mean I am getting over the flu. Husband said "nice shorts honey!"


Bre said...

LOVE IT! Too cute :)

Jenny said...

Correction: Kaylie was upset about Mommy. Brenna not so much. Devastated over Joey.

J-Mo said...

Well... aren't we lovely? I had a blast and I'm so glad the girls are retaining most of what they're learning. God is Good!

Karen said...

The green suits you well! Madison got a kick out of the picture you sent us. Glad the girls had fun!

Tricia said...

Too much fun!

I think that is great that you have all your kids praying for Stellan! Can't wait to see that pic over at her blog!


Michelle said...

I love what the night meant for your girls but am I the only one who thinks pudding in your hair is gross? You know how I am about my hair. I wouldn't have even wanted the silly string on me. Messy. But I would have been supportive in everything else.

Shay Atchison said...

Love the STELLAN pic. I follow that blog too.