Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Too Fast

I am finding little time lately for blogging. So to catch you up on Roach life...say hello to the terminator. I have had him for about 4 weeks. Along with the terminator came rehab. Well that is just a barrel of fun. At first I could move my toes and inch. Today I can move my ankle 25 degrees more in one direction and 15 degrees more in another direction. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully will go to full weight bearing without crutches!!!
And I said goodbye to Pinkie. This is the only thing that has not been too fast in my life. This has been long enough! However, taking a bath, shaving my legs, taking a shower, swimming...heaven. I pray I never take those things for granted again. That pink cast was about the death of me.

We have been putting up tons of vegetables and loving every minute of it. My favorite still is purple hull peas. YUMMY. On any given morning I can find a basket on my back door. The kids are so excited about picking the vegetables and are big helpers in shelling.

Husband and I enjoyed a weekend away with our home group peeps to the mountains. This was and french toast. Yummy. I boiled husband in a hot tub. Not even kidding.

We finally got to take this kids on a vacation. After probably the worst summer ever with a broken momma and a move they got to enjoy being on vacation.

I finally got to put 10 toes in sand and water. And I worked on that awful tan line. And just like that our vacation was over. Too fast.

Football season is here. If you are a follower of this blog you know my heart bleeds orange and blue. But this season I will be bleeding red and black for this little Warrior. First of all he can not be this big. The other day he sneezed and said, "Mommy I keep bless youing!" And instead of correcting him, I thought I am keeping that saying. That is the only thing he still says that reminds me of him as my toddler. It's too fast. I want to put a brick on his head and read him Goodnight Moon.

I will do something next Monday that my family has never known me to do. . . I will go to work full time. I have not worked full time since son was growing in my belly over eight years ago. I am thrilled and blessed to be going to work at my children's school. I have had very little time to be sad about daughter starting Kindergarten because I will get to be with her. We will all go to school together and leave together.
I have learned so much about myself this summer and about my friends, about my family, and about my faith. So glad I serve a God who is not surprised about my worries, my pain, my needs, and my faults. I am thankful for the eight years I have spent in our home, raising my children and serving my husband. I would not trade those years or the sacrifices. I was there for every "first" moment. Those are precious memories I will not forget and even the days when I thought one of us would not survive! I would not survived without my mommy friends. They are the only ones you can call at 6:30 am and have your morning cup of caffeine with and laugh about which kid had you up all night. They are the ones you cry with, ship your kids off to and the ones that know we are all trying to figure out this mommy thing as we go.
One thing I know now is 8 years...too fast.
But I am ready for the next chapter and can't wait to see what God has in store for us.