Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Disney Post

Long overdo...I will upload some pics of the thousand I took. We drove which is a story in itself but we were amazed how well the kids did in the car. Our condo was wonderful and the kids loved the pool. You can take my kids to a hotel and they don't care...just give them a pool. Things I learned on the trip.
1. Disney World is where kids dreams come true, not adults.
2. You don't know tired until you got to a park in 100 degree weather with 2 small children.
3. Husband melted down a lot sooner then the kids...he does not like crowds. On one occasion we had to leave a park because he ran over a lady with the stroller. On purpose!
4. Take a stroller...a big one. My 6 year old rode the whole time. He did not care what he looked like in that stroller and we never lost him. :)
5. Best 30 dollars I ever spent went on a backpack cooler for the parks.
6. I am a professional fast pass getting, backpack toting, stroller parking and snack packing momma.
7. Seeing your daughter see a princess character is priceless. (Her hair not being brushed that day and wearing something she picked out for the photos is bearable.)
8. Taking your son to Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios is worth it.
9. Seeing American Idol winner, Kris Allen, in person was more exciting then expected.
10. Daughter getting car sick 50 miles into the trip on the way home was memorable but the car seat got thrown away.
11. If you go to Disney World, allow 2 weeks to recover.
12. If you to to Disney World, allow 2 years for your bank account to recover.
13. Toothfaires come to Disney World. Just ask son, he lost his first tooth.
14. Wear tennis shoes to the parks and threaten your husband to photo you from the knee down.
15. Sunscreen stains white tops...good bye JCrew favorite top.
16. Make your child ride roller coasters even when they cry.
17. Hold on to your smallest child(daughter) because they might fall out of roller coasters.
18. Watch some fireworks from your back porch instead of going back to the park.
19. Pack light...
20. Live, Laugh, Enjoy and cry...that is how dreams come true.

Animal Kingdom
TREX restaurant in Downtown Disney.

Go with good friends to Disney World.

The big cheese.
Lost tooth

This is what we like to call done.


Daddy Roach said...

I'd just like to clarify that the picture of me is not indicative of my demeanor the entire trip. I was not a pud the entire time, this just happens to be a rare moment in the elevator at the end of the day, carrying the world (including the balloon that almost sent me over the edge several times that day - you know, the one thing that somebody gives your daughter at 9AM that MUST go home with you, so its yet another item to carry around ALL DAY at the park - because we weren't carrying enough already - with daughter constantly freaking out in the stroller wanting to know where it is while you try not to run over people that walk right out in front of you....OK, I'll stop). Again, this is a really bad time for picture taking on the trip for me - I must say that in general, I was quite the good sport. Just for the record.

Erica said...

I've been waiting for this post! I'm glad you had a good time and learned some valuable lessons. :)

Karen said...

But Joey & Allen did loose it way before the kids. Glad you were such a good sport!

Madison is still talking about our trip. She was so glad that you were able to go with us. She can't wait til next time.