Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poor Husband



And guess where he is going on May 14th? Yes he is going here. Guess where he did not go? To the other concert last night that he was dying to go to. I am thinking he will still have fun. He gets me as his hot date. (Along with Sister and Brother in law and Jen and Wes...) I am looking for him one of these so he can match his least favorite star! I think husband would rock a coral necklace and maybe some tight blue jeans.


At home with a very sick child. So what do I have to do? Look at these pictures! I can not tell you what this does to my heart. Why does it go so fast?
I can not even remember these days...

Sick Spring

I thought we made it through winter without any major trips to the doctor. Then Spring Break comes and we have been to the doctor probably 10 times! Seriously. Son has had pink eye since spring break and yesterday we went to an eye doctor. Diagnosis: Allergies. Nice. 500 dollars in copay's and eye drops. What did we get? ANOTHER prescription for eye drops that nobody has and they have to order. And what do we do now? Go back to the eye doctor next Monday for a recheck! My sweet daughter is currently running a high fever since Saturday. She missed Carter's birthday and she was devastated. She wanted to know if he would invite her next year. I took her to After Hours on Sunday and they said her ear infection had never cleared up. Well it is Tuesday and we still have fever. She ate a goldfish yesterday. A GOLDFISH. So she threw up this morning, I am sure from lack of food. Mommy Diagnosis : VIRAL and not just an ear!
I am a little worried that we might have the SWINE FLU and I wish they would stop talking about it on the Today Show.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update # 3

The ruler of the house. The no more bows child. The brown eyes that will look right through you. The smartest of the house. The sneakiest of the house. And don't you worry this is her "uniform" that she must wear to all games.
She is a good judge of character. She can pick out a shady person from a mile away. This is why I can't understand why she likes AMY! JK AMY ( you have had enough bad press this week). This is her ballpark Jonah. She thinks they make ballgames worth going too.

She is also the daredevil. This is the swing ride that FRANKIE(who I hear has a Iphone and I will try to get her to the darkside of fb) let her on. I would have never. I thought she was too little but FRANKIE and HUSBAND thought she would be just fine. She met the height requirement but surely not the weight! And what did she do on the ride? She laughed.
This is her hiding from the doctor. We were there for son and she did not want the doctor to think she needed anything! So she hid. It would have worked if she could stop laughing.
I now can testify that at times my daughter would like to please me. She brought me two ponytail holders this morning and said I want pigtails! I was almost late to work but I did it! Pigtails is something! It is no bow and it is better then hair in the face! But then we regressed and she would allow no pictures. Everyone at her school made a big fuss over her pigtails so by recess they were out!

Update # 2

I look at these dimples and melt. This child use to cry when I left him. He couldn't last a whole church service without needing mommy. He still needs me but not like that...that is gone. He is about to finish his first year at public school. He is a top reader. He has never come home not on green. He loves school. He has lots of friends. I am a blessed mommy.
He is funny. He is highly competitive(wonder where he got that from?). This is after his class won tug of war on field day and he did number ones into the other classes faces. He can look at me and I see his daddy coming out of him. He is strong willed and I pray he will be a strong man one day.

He is a baseball lover. He is always game for baseball. He hit a homerun and got three outs in his last game. He got the GAME BALL. I am the momma that jumps up and down like I am running the bases with him. I don't care who you are...watching your child play ball will make you cry, scream and laugh. It makes me feel alive.

He is a big brother. A role we chose for him and one somedays he would rather not have...but he is a big brother. He can treat her like a enemy at home but let someone else be mean to her in his presence and it is over. He protects her. He makes her laugh harder then anyone. He cashes in tickets every week at school and brings her something home. She calls him bubba...

Update #1

Our life has been very busy lately. I feel I am running on all 6 cylinders every day. Between church, dance, ball, friends, family and work we are always going somewhere. I literally grabbed my camera out of my car tonight and it had 90 something pictures on it...at least I have been documenting! I feel the need to catch THE READERS up on the Roach Life. So update #1 is about my sweet husband. Sister got him the SHAMWOW and it was used on YODA. I thought it might just suck Yoda up but it did not. I am awaiting husband to use it on something special like...my car that needs the baseball dirt washed off. Yoda is obviously embarrassed to let you see him exposed and wet thus not looking at the camera.
Husband is also feeling the strain of our busy life. He is fixing things around the house on a whim and in his 10 minutes of spare time. That must be why he left this on my counter like it belonged there.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


One month from today and we are here!! My kids have no idea what is in store. I can still remember going with my family. I still have not come to terms with the cost of the trip. But I mean you are paying for the greatest place on earth. And who can put a price on dreams coming true? I got a free cd in the mail (the only thing free from Disney) and daughter watches it over and over. It is a instructional cd about how to plan your trip. She will occasionally tell me what restaurants have to offer in the park and which rides you should ride first. Tour Guide MG should probably set up her own web page and make money for our trip. Son is most excited about it being Star Wars week. And no poor YODA will not get to meet his name sake. Yoda will be back home having his surgery to take away his manhood. Son will be even more pumped when he sees the cool START WARS shirt I got him to wear. I know it is something they will never forget and I could not be more excited for them!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My Big PoohPraying for this sweet face this morning. He is having his tubes replaced and adenoids out. Mostly pray he survives no food or drink. Big Pooh likes to eat! I heard sister having to explain at the ballpark why we call him Pooh. Try to follow, Winslet to Wynn to Winnie the Pooh to Pooh and now Big Pooh.

And because he is a twin...I had to post Shep's pic! Pooh talks like he is 23 with a deep voice. Shep talks like he a cartoon character with the sweetest voice that drags out every syllable.

Don't forget to check out STELLAN'S blog for his surgery is today at 7:30 am our time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Awana Slime Night 2009

It starts like this... 20 questions, 3 bonuses. If all goes well they get rewarded. They work so hard all year learning verses and digging into God's word. This is me and Janna (a blog reader) asking the questions. Our husbands are in the background thinking they might be safe. Bre in the background for camera shots...
Guess what our girls missed like 2. They rocked it. They got what the wanted. Slime (vanilla pudding with green food coloring), pies to the face and silly string.

Loving my slimy sister in Christ.
Tony (another blog reader) and Janna's husband who has been a faithful helper this year with these girls who need good male role models. Thanks big Ton, it has been fun.
Me and my friend. Notice Nate in the background holding Mrs. Jenny's babies who were so sad about what was happening to their mommy.

Husband came out a lot cleaner this year. I think he was hiding in the bushes.

We sent this into the blog to the right. But more importantly these girls at the end of the night of fun prayed the sweetest prayer for this baby.

I know, nice outfit I had on...think layers. I mean I am getting over the flu. Husband said "nice shorts honey!"

Memory Verse # 8

Bre and I went to our women's retreat hosted by our church all the way in the Columbiana, AL. When is the last time you used an actual key to get in your room? We stayed on the lake and we were a little scared to say the least but we had a great time. It is always good to get away and get focused even if it was in the spooky woods.

The first night we wrote out prayer request or things that we were struggling with down on a piece of paper. Then we were given a verse. Most women were like "oh that verse just fits me! And that was perfect for me!" I said out loud, "yeah mine has nothing to do with what I wrote down!" This is what mine said:
Freedom is a Choice
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36

Right after this picture (where we look like we had only slept 3 hours!) we entered into our quite time. And that verse that meant nothing to me at the time became what I needed. Those things on my list were not ready to be dealt with but being Free to be Me (and stop being who I think everyone else needs me to be )was something I believe God was trying to show me. Sometimes I am so caught up with praying for what I want Him to answer and what I want Him to show me that I am not listening to what HE wants me to pray for and what He wants me to learn.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sick Day

The sick bug has struck our house for the past few weeks. Son has had a "pink eye" that won't heal, two ear infections and 3 trips to the doctor. Daughter has had two trips to the doctor for a nasty cough and an ear infection. I ended up at the doctor after stomach cramps for two days and then fever. Diagnosis was a stomach ulcer. But I had a feeling it was something else...five days later after pretending I felt okay(and infecting the world) the nurse called. The four tubes of blood she took came back and said I HAD THE FLU. Too late for flu meds, too late to protect my precious children and husband, too late to get sympathy. But my body decided it could not pretend I was not sick any more...so I got my subs and I really had a good ole sick day today.
I did shower which is a highlight to most mommies that stay at home. I could not send daughter to school because she was still screaming with an ear. And guess what? I LOVED MY SICK DAY. I took 2 naps! For those that know me, know this never happens. I slept straight up on the couch while daughter rotted her brain with NOGGIN. I then took another 20 minute nap with her sleeping on me. I can not tell you how good it felt to be a stay at home mommy again. Not that naps are apart of stay at home mommy life...I know they were few and far between. But it was a day where all I did was play with my child. No housework. No cooking. No phone. Just coloring, holding, baby dolls and being at home. My life sometimes is too busy to enjoy just being mommy. I like just being mommy. It is when I have to be maid, wife, friend, sister, daughter, child care worker, volunteer of the year, taxi cab driver, teacher and caretaker that I get a little overwhelmed. And when I dream at night, I get to be just me.

Need a Laugh

Where is Shep?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Awesome Easter!

When asked how my Easter was I will say AWESOME. The kids were so good today even thought we got them up at 6! I got to hear 3 worship services at church. The music and sermon at our church was AWESOME. It was so great to see people lined up waiting to come in!
Jesus is ALIVE.
And then to the Brakefield plantation. Sister really out does herself for Easter. Seriously, look at the kids table. We all have goody bags she pants and makes for us. Husband had a special gift this year from Sister. Sister really has a gift for hosting and it is such a relaxed fun atmosphere.
Mother and Grandmother watching the Easter egg hunt after lunch. I am so glad it warmed up and was beautiful.
Marlee Grace talking Nana Kent into opening her bubbles.
READY to call it day husband? Yes. But he got the SHAM WOW! He has been wanting one and sister found one at Wal-Mart and got it for him. I am ready to see what he is going to use it on!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Day!

Mrs. Jenny and my favorite 3rd grade girl offering the plan of salvation in a way that only Mrs. Jenny can! Thank you Mrs. Jenny for making BIG THINGS so simple for Little People. She oozes grace and we are so lucky to have her teaching our children!
Goofing off during music time at the park. This is a city wide event and I think it hosts thousands! Our church is one of the churches that teams up with the city for this annual event. It is such an outreach and they pass out so much JESUS to those who might not know!
Busted. Daughter not following the one egg at a time rule. She is so her daddy since son and I are rule followers.

Ah, the family photo. It was cold and cloudy but the kids still had fun! I must say this has been my favorite Easter since having the kids. They are really getting the meaning of Easter this year. Daughter got salvation eggs at school and she can tell you all about it. She is a girl of details and the Easter story is full of details. She has one egg that has linen in it. She said, "Jesus was then wrapped in lemon." We tried to correct but she can not be taught by us. It is lemon. Personally this Easter has meant more to me by teaching them and seeing them try to understand the meaning of Easter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Little busy Bees

This sweet child had an eardrum rupture this week at school. When the nurse called he was screaming in the background. My child who would rather die then cry at school. This is him at the 3D movie, that husband is still talking about the price....
We have had more baseball. (3-0 but remember they aren't keeping score!) And more of him at first, down and ready. I get so nervous for him. I really love baseball season. I love the my baseball friends and I love watching the kids. I will always be a DIAMOND DOLL at heart.

I have been cooking all day for Easter gifts...so husband ended up in charge of dying Easter eggs. Ask me how happy he was? He does not do messes or crafts. Notice he taped wax paper down and he probably said don't touch a million times. But they did it, loved it and they survived.

My Easter tradition TOMB cake. This year I gave out the recipe to all my Bible Study girls and they are all doing it with their families. You can look at Bre's and Karen's(when she post). I pray you all have a Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I think husband and one of my favorite VBS worker should post a blog...Blow them up with comments today. And one of the smartest and the biggest word user I know should post a new blog. Even Saint Joseph has neglected his blog duties.
Just a little plea to hear from the men of our blogging world....

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Daughter Dances

The daughter dances and more importantly she screams the song. I think she is a future rock star like her daddy. Notice she is most concerned with staying on her dot! And I think I better enjoy this because I feel she will scream for Tball next year instead of dance. I did this with my phone and I can't show the whole routine because then no one will come see her in her Dancing Debut. And now thanks to rescheduling, son has a game during her dance recital. And husband and I will have to choose our guilt. Enjoy.

The Worry Trait

The Roach family has many trait's that are known to be dominate. I was never made aware of these traits until after I signed on the dotted line to join this family. It all became clear when I gave birth to a son who middle name is the same as his daddy, his grandfather and his great grandfather. With that name came some characteristics. Some which shall not be mentioned in such a public way. But one trait that stands out is the character trait of worrier. Don't worry Roach family, I will not name which ones of you worry the most...! Son has always been a worrier. In no way has daughter ever worried about her future or how her actions impact that future. (I know, we need to all pray now!) Son however worries about most everything. He worries if he has too much stuff to carry into school. He worries about what is in the ocean. He worries about his heart stopping "beeping," thanks to Jump Rope for Heart. Sister and I found him in the bathroom at the beach running in place trying to keep his heart beeping. He has had a type of pink eye that has lasted 2 weeks. Sister told him his eye might fall out. He asked the doctor today if it could.
But this morning he took the worrying to a new level. I sent him to brush his teeth before school and I heard him scream at me, "Are you trying to kill me?" I wonder who he is talking to. I walk in the bathroom and he is reading the toothpaste label. He said, "Read this!" I said "son it says for 6 and under to do so under supervision...you are fine." He said, "keep reading!" Then it says something about swallowing too much call poison control. He then says, "I am going to die. DO you know how much I have swallowed for all these years?" I assure him that he will be fine.
I am just wondering how I can take a little worry away from him and put it in daughter.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Memory Verse #7

Philippians 2: 3-5 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Improvement

It has taken two days, but I finished staining my deck. I am going to do the floor one more time this weekend. I did it by hand and it was not that fun. It was fun being outside with the radio up loud! I am so ready for summer but I am enjoying the spring. My least favorite part was going up and down the ladder. And just a little hint, stain goes everywhere. It is like water and I was covered in it!

These are my great-grandmother's metal rocking chairs. They were gross green and now after good ole black spray paint, they look fabulous. I am wanting some black and white cushions for them. I am ready to grill out and hang out here! Come rock with me!