Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ready for the Storm

Last night we had some bad weather and I put on facebook I was going to my safe location in my wheelchair. My cousin, Dian McCray, drew this picture of me! It provided a much needed laugh after a couple of rough days. It has been painful since coming home from the hospital. Trying to take the right medication and still being able to function and be a mother, wife, friend, etc can be a delicate balance. But I find myself painting on a smile and getting ready for the storm on a daily basis. There are moments when the smile fades and tears come but God always provides. I have family that will come in an instant. Friends that drop by with encouragement, Starbucks, milkshakes, flowers and food. Today will be a stormy day. You might remember this post. One of the most painful experiences last summer was getting my foot to 90 degrees. Today I will have to go through the same thing. A cast and 90 degrees. I am scared and anxious but I know God will get me through this and so much more. I know that Jesus will calm the storm I face today. Mark 4:35-40
Brighter news from Roach Ranch: How cute are these babies? Seriously I am not a cat person but look at that little white face on Peanuts leg. The sad news is Butter has been missing since last Tuesday. The good news is the kids have these babies to keep them entertained. Daughter is the nurse maid. She rotates them constantly so each kitten gets ample time of nursing. Son just gets upset when Peanut carries them in the mouth. Their eyes are not open yet and most look just like the Post Office Dead Beat Dad, Stamps. Last night husband went outside and said Stamps was looking lost wondering around outside. I told him to go tell Stamps his girlfriends are gone and he can speak to them when he forks over the child support.

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