Monday, April 4, 2011

A Happy, A Sad and A Lawsuit

My most talented cousin, Dian McCray, painted me for a recent art exhibit. She is a REAL artist. She is a lover of art and Auburn. She has taught art for more than 25 years and she taught me in kindergarten. I think I am way cuter in her painting than in real life. She also painted my kiddos and I will show you those later. But kuddos to her and her work!
What do I need 2 days before surgery? Strep. Yep. Poor MG. Her brother and his broke nose...I thought I would break down. We instead had a nice lunch and ice cream. We then went to have my pre-op bloodwork and instructions for surgery. The nurse said "please don't shave, they will shave you." My son looked at her and said, "well it will be a jungle by then." Oh, I love him. Daughter got to get a big girl shot in hopes to knock out the strep faster.

I am thinking of bringing a lawsuit against the Post Office. They have a cat. We call him Stamps. He is black with white feet and he frequents our back barn and the post office. He does not want us to pet him or acknowledge him. However, one day daughter ran inside to tell us, "Stamps is hugging Butter." Stamps must have hugged both cats....

They are large.

Here Peanut is kissing Butter telling her she knows the pregnancy is hard but it will be over soon. I am taking request for kittens. One friend has requested two already. Marsh and Mellow. Husband will be thrilled to birth kittens while I am laid up in a cast. Remember...we are not cat people. We are just anti-mouse people.

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