Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sometimes You Dig Deep

This is a blast from a past. A story of two old friends. This picture does not tell our story. Our journey is long. You see your first friend in life teaches you how to be a friend for the rest of your life. You remember her when you hear your daughter giggle in her room with her friend. You remember her when you tell of your Christian walk and when Christ saved you.
Sometimes you have to remember who you are and where you came from. Sometimes you have to remember old friends. This is my friend KT. I don't have a single childhood memory without her in it. We were saved at Camp Spain during Vespers one night the summer after fourth grade. We went on every softball tournament our daddies played in from here to Nashville. We took family vacations to the beach. Our mothers would say we became friends while we were in our mother's stomach. KT posted this photo on fb to remind me I could get through this current challenge. You see together we were as strong as Wonder Woman.

Sometimes you just channel your inner Wonder Woman and you take a deep breathe.

You close your eyes.

You pray.

And then the Physician's Assistant moves your ankle to 90 degrees.

Cast goes on and you are done.

Sometimes it just takes the Wonder Woman you were born to be.

P.S. The cast colors were chosen by my students at school. They got to vote on my cast color by voting on my school blog. Everyone will see me coming a mile away!


Jamie said...

Oh my goodness! Write a book, already! You have such a way with words, Marsha. I had no idea you at KT were lifelong friends. How cool! Tonnie is mine... well, I guess that's obvious, huh? ;)

Jamie said...
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Daily living!!! said...

I remember the awesome duo, I also remember joining the duo in kindergarten at Jack-n-the-box and the fun we had at LULU's. I also remember the times we gave Mrs. Gleason, it amazes me that we didn't make her retire. HAHA! I do not have many memories without you and Katie! Good times, prayerfully our girls will make lasting friendships. Even if time has seperated us and we do not see or talk, if only to catch up on Facebook. I will always consider you two as my oldest and dearest friends!! I love you Marsha Kent and I pray that you will continue to hold your head high and know that this too will pass.