Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Medical Equipment Gone Rancid

I was so excited when my friend let me borrow her nice wheelchair. It is lightweight and easy to wheel and easy for even my child to push me. However, it is not practical to pack a wheelchair for work everyday and pack it up to come home. My mother being my main transportation home is not big enough to load the wheelchair in her car every afternoon! So "someone special" found a wheelchair I could leave at school. It is not as special as the one from my friend but I was excited that I would have one for work and one for home. Husband packed it in my car last night so we would be ready to go this morning. Upon opening the car doors a smell hit my 8 year old son. He reported that something had died in our car. I am happy to report no one died but I could not confirm someone had not died in that wheelchair during it's previous life. It was too late to change the wheelchair out so off to work I went in my rank wheelchair. I was greeted at the door with 2 teachers who immediately smelt me. They literally ran to their rooms and got cans of Lysol and Odor Eating combinations to kill the smell. I am sure no children enjoyed breakfast this morning with my wheelchair close by. One teacher friend even had the courtesy to take the wheelchair outside to air out for an hour. Nothing seemed to work. It just smelt like the geriatric ward with old bandaids. I was afraid people would think I was not taking showers with my cast and it was me that stunk! That stinky wheelchair provided a great deal of laughter today. The laugh of the day came towards the end of the day when a child walked into my room and said, "Mrs. Roach has my grandmother come in here today?" I replied, "I don't know baby. Who is your grandmother?" He then replied, "Oh, you don't know her but it smells like her in here!" Seriously. I sprayed the noxious chair, said a silent prayer and closed my classroom door. Roach Readers, please pray for a sweet fragrant wheelchair to greet me in the morning.

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