Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Pool Makeover Take 1

We were opening this pool May 22, 2010 when I fell and broke my ankle. The pool never opened. It has been on the want list since that day. Well on Good Friday the transformation began.

The Before

The fence and pool were in bad shape. This pool has seen it's better day.

But she is getting a complete makeover!

Because this man loves the Roaches! He does not love liner pools but he is in our home group. He will be so mad I am talking about him but his sweet family is dear to me. They have prayed over me and listened to me whine about my pool. He and his family own a local pool company and you can not find better people! Earl's Pool and Spa
Pick them first!

They even let husband work with them for the past two days.

I would wheel to the back door and take their picture when they weren't looking.

I love it when husband is doing manual labor and sweaty.

You see my home group pool friend and I had been making a deal to make me a firepit next to the pool. Husband and I were at odds on the design. But once they cleared out this space I gave them orders that it would be the PERFECT place for my "firepit"! I mean all summer nights should end with a fire and dip in the pool.

So they used the bobcat and picked up my great grandmother's old millstone.

She used to grind her own mill on this stone. We use is for a fire pit.

People pay lots of money for these things now a days. I can't wait

to see what ours will look like after we get through with the design.

It just screams weenie roast.

Once Daddy of Earl's Pool showed up the pace picked up.

They brought lots of fun equipment. I wish I had been closer for better pictures.

This dump truck was massive and Daddy of Earl's Pool will work circles around you.

I wish you could see husband has on working gloves.

This is my favorite picture of the day.

Dump truck going to our sinkhole being chased by the bobcat.

Husband following for moral support and to insure we did not lose any of our beloved friends in the sinkhole. I heard there were some scary moments back there...

After two days of destruction we are now ready for more concrete to be poured. Stone to be laid. Pebbles to be poured. Diving board to install. A new fence. Oh yay!

I have started on my pool furniture and floats. Once this cast is off I will be floating somewhere in the middle until August. Come by and visit.

The new liner is called Capri.

It just sounds dreamy.

I think water therapy will be my favorite way to recover. Such a great way to spend our Easter weekend redoing the pool.

I hope all my Roach Readers have a wonderful Easter celebrating a Risen savior. I will never understand His love for me or the price that was paid on the cross.

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Michelle said...

Marsha, you really do inspire me in so many ways. I pray that you heal quickly and keep your chin held high. Blessings, Michelle