Thursday, April 7, 2011


Last picture of free feet for a while. God is good. Surgery went great. Ankle guy had given a small percentage that the fusion would be successful. However, ankle guy gave a more favorable outcome after this surgery. He felt I had a 90 % chance to regain full mobility of the foot. The foot will still be stiff and running is history. But I will walk pain free. Most of my pain is in the knee where he took a bone to fuse to the leg bones. I am excited to be home and start the road to recovery. No weight bearing, no walking, no driving for at a minimum of 8 weeks. We came home today to a very new outcome of 6 baby kittens. Mother is Peanut. Butter is missing.I can't make this stuff up. This is the best picture we could get without making momma mad. I love she decided to have them on my front porch. They are all black. Confirming the baby daddy is Stamps from the Post office. I will be getting DNA swabs soon. And I am not sure which is worst for Husband; me or the kittens.


Erica said...

Glad surgery went well! Sorry about so many kittens!

tamara said...

You know you can buy paternity tests in Walgreens now... just a tip from me to you. Come check out my blog ~ I've been writing for years, and since you'll be off your feet, I suspect you'll be ON the computer a lot!! Still praying for you and so glad ankle thinks things are looking good so far! :)