Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toliet and the Devil

I am back at work. Yes I am tired but my arms are going to be ripped after rolling up and down the halls at school in my wheelchiar. I can move fast until 10 am. Then I am tired. I get up way before five am to even be able to get ready before I wake the little Roaches. I am the luckiest girl alive to work where 900 kids want a hug or a smile or need to tell you a story. My first day back was rough. And my mother will hate I am telling you this story. I will also get in trouble for using the word hate. Peggy Sue does not like hate or toliet stories. Mother, forgive me. On my first day back I manage to wheel into the bathroom along with 10 other little girls for a much needed potty break. But my wheelchair won't go into the stall. In the meantime while I am trying to make this work, 10 little girls want to tell me; "Mrs. Roach I like your cast." "Mrs. Roach I voted for lime green." "Mrs. Roach what happened to your foot?" "Mrs. Roach can I push you?" I wanted to cry and say," Mrs. Roach just wants to potty!" I end up going all the way back to my room and get my crutches only to be met by 10 new little girls with 45 new comments. Needless to say not only am I not taking pain medication at work, I am not drinking liquids anymore either.
Carpool is going great except getting Car Rider 53 into the car is an event. Wheelchair, crutches, handicap mother, two small Roaches are a load. We have to have our own special loading line.
Pray for the carpool.
One more thing Roach Readers, I told you God was using this as a spiritual marker in my life. I am seeing that more clearly in ways that I can't wait to share with you sometime. God is showing me lately to pay attention to my prayer life. I pray for my kids, my husband, job, *goodness the ankle!*, and day to day activities but it becomes a routine of prayers. Until recently the devil showed up in a relationship of mine. I was devastated. And then God spoke to me and said when have you prayed my protection over that relationship lately? He is teaching me our communication needs improvement. My prayer life is changing. HE gets bigger and bigger to me each day. The more I spend time with Him the more I realize who He is! I pray He gets Bigger for you too! And as my friend Frankie would say, Peace and Blessings. Peace and Blessings.

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Jamie said...

I've had the devil in one of my relationships lately... I feel you. God has been teaching me some good things lately about that.