Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bits of Peanut

If you are allergic to cats or don't like them please don't read this post. I know I said I am not a cat person. But...Peanut is a good momma and she has cute babies. Pray for her because we have caught Stamps twice trying to get on the front porch. Seriously, this baby daddy is ridiculous. He thinks she wants to nurse 6 babies and still be his girlfriend. I mean Stamps will stop at nothing. I want to introduce the Roach Readers to all 6 bits of Peanut. Please understand we don't know the sex of the kittens yet. I am not real sure when we will be able to tell but if I call them he or she it is simply due to personality or my guess.
This baby is the one daughter has called hers since day one. She looks dramatically different from the rest and is much larger. Probably due to either the extra attention from daughter or the fact daughter is constantly making sure she gets in to nurse.

Hello! Look at that face. She will be ours forever.

She is not nice and we have not named her. She pushes and bits her siblings. She requires lots of personal space and does not like to be on bottom of feedings.

She is starting to sit up on her own. Bless her little face.

This is the next to smallest and is a cuddle bug.

We call this one Booger.

This is twin A.

This is twin B.

And they are the reason Stamps can not deny paternity.

Introducing the smallest of the liter is Ratatouille. His whiskers are longer than his body. I love him for his size. He just looks like he needs a human momma. Every time I pick him up, he just relaxes. God loves the itty bitties.

Ratatouille is just so little. So little all he can do is scoot on his white little feet.

Peanut is exhausted. Nursing 6 kittens is a full time job and now they are mobile. Oh I remember when my babies started crawling. Poor Peanut! Now she has to baby proof. This is Booger trying to crawl out, head first. As a mother of two I admire Peanut.

Getting one to latch on was bad enough. She is so laid back and she has not once asked to call the lactation nurse. She drinks plenty of water in between nursing and does not stress about how much each baby is taking in at one time.

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tamara said...

You crack me up! I wish I could sneak one of the little bits home with me, but I am pretty sure it would start a war in my household and eventually leave awful marks on all my scratching post, I mean furniture. They are precious!