Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pinkie #2 Update

Pinkie has been out of the house several times. VBS, lunch with Bre, pool with Tracy, out to eat with mother and grandmother...but no stores. Not even Publix. So husband took me to Target. He went in first to survey for scooters. I could not walk on crutches all over the store and we did not have the wheelchair. So for your amusement and husband's...( Please notice Oprah, I am driving and texting) We laughed until we cried throughout the store.

Over the past week Pinkie has been less painful and I was able to come off the pain meds during the day. Nausea has about killed me so they tried switching the pain pills but nothing seem to work. Bone pain is intense and some of the nausea could be because of bone pain. Sleep however is not my friend. I am sleeping less and less. My big toe is still "asleep".
Today was the day we went to get Pinkie #2 and my foot to 90 degrees. I was put in another hard cast and could be in it for 2 to 3 more weeks before I will get a boot and go to rehab. Here is the good news. We got to 90 degrees. The leg looks like a leg and I could see some ankle bones. The swelling was down and the incsions look good.

The bad news...the hair on my leg is D-scusting!! The stand in the above photo is what I put my foot on and then move my knee to get my leg to a 90 degree angle. The nurse left husband and I alone to try to get the foot moving. As hard as I moved maybe 1/2 inch. The nurse finally was able to get a layer of casting on and then had me put my foot on a stool and move my knee to 90 degrees. She says"your good!" and husband says "no, she needs to come forward a little more!" I could have spit on him. Reason why not to take an engineer to an orthopedic appointment. So Lord willing my foot is now casted at 90 degrees but with that joy comes pain.

I feel like I am back to square one with pain levels today. I can't stand movement on the leg and the pain is radiating to my hip. All you prayer warriors out there please pray that the pain will ease and sleep will come!!


J-Mo said...

Praying for you daily sweet girl. Love You!

Bre said...

LOVE to my dear friend and thanks for making me laugh until I cried with the scooter pic...PRICELESS!