Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Countdown is up

It has come. Surgery is in the MORNING!! My quote this week has I am ready for it to be behind me then in front of me. Tonight I am filled with all kinds of emotions. Especially since my softball team lost their first game tonight. I am in a bible study on Saturday mornings learning about the names of God. Something spoke to me this past week and I am carrying it with me. I am a planned child. God is working in me to conform me in the image of Christ. And He is sovereign. Tonight I will rest in the fact the God will only let my pain and suffering go so far and when it is too much, He will stick out His hand and He will say, "Enough." Romans 8:28 and Deuteronomy 32:29 believing in the truth... I am so blessed. I have friends that call and text and email. I have an old high school friend that came by my house tonight at 8:30 to give me a hug, prayers and hilarious goodies. Jamie I am speechless! I have a sister who just tells me she is coming to the hospital tomorrow when I thought she was not coming. I have inlaws keeping my kids. I have a husband that prays. I have a mother that has cried more than me. I have a home group that is my prayer life line. I have a girl in MS, a girl in Oxford AL that are on their knees. I have a daddy that called to say make sure they check me for Hoof and Mouth disease. I have two grandmothers, 90 and 87, who will pray for me and wait by their phones. I have an eight year old boy that is hysterical tonight wanting mommy just to stay home and not go. My heart is broken, scared but not without hope because I am not alone. Even in hard times I have a God who sees me. I will cry to God Most High, to God who accomplishes all things for me. Psalm 57:2


Brenden said...

you are an amazing woman
you are a blessing to others
your strength and faith-unflappable

you ARE an amazing woman

Pugee said...

really not brenden!

Jamie said...

You are entirely welcome! Still praying for you like crazy.