Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Self Control

I am not one to talk about self control. I struggle with it as does my son, daughter, husband, and dog. Some of you may know my neighborhood peeps have got me back onto the running path and it has been a slow go. Every time I trained for a race last year, I did it at the gym. Well now I have dropped the gym membership and instead run for free in the hills of my neighborhood. It is free and 100 times harder. In fact when you check the elevation levels of our neighborhood you would see why I burn calories like a machine. My goal this time is for a 10k and last Saturday I actually made it 6.1 miles. It was not pretty folks. I am still not a runner but I am making strides as a jogger. I even spit now! Remember when I did not understand spitting here.
This week I was jogging along and spotted a cute two seater folding chair that I had eyed at Target for the kids. It looks to be in the trash pile to be picked up. I have now ran by it four times and have exhibited extreme self control. Guess what house it is at? REMEMBER THIS HOUSE. Yes mam. Same house. Same situation. To take or not to take. That is the question.


Karen said...

LOL! I saw a blue swing like Trey's at that house Monday. Thought about getting it b/c one strap came off of his but then I looked up & saw whose house it was at. Kept driving.

Marsha said...

I know the seat is underneath the blue swing!

Jaclyn said...

You need to buy a Garmin watch. I don't personally have one, but fitness guru I run with does and it is fab. Keeps up with miles, calories burned, pace and tracks all previous runs. Cool to go back and see how many miles you have run in a week/month and calories burned. Keeps me going...So proud of you by the way for all your running and goals set and achieved. You have a natural way of getting others involved...I still can't convince Shane to run.