Thursday, August 6, 2009

Closing time

I can not believe it is closing time for summer. I know everybody says that this time of year but it makes me sad. Now don't get me wrong, the kids need to go back to school. Arguing in my house is at an all time high. Son and daughter need some separation. (and I need it too!) However, I have a first grader! Daughter will be going to big school in one more year! I will be working four days this year at her school. This is the most I have worked since before son. She and I will have Friday's off to play and eat lunch with "bubba." I overheard son tell daughter, "you can call me bubba this year but not when you come to my school!"
I love buying back to school clothes and supplies. I took the kids to buy new tennis shoes and ended up buying the whole family new shoes. (It was buy one get one 50% off.) Husband and I are back on the running path and both needed new running shoes. I have run the inside out of mine. The tennis shoes were a great brand for cheap which means they are the ugly colors! So he and I are running in the early hours when it is still dark so no one sees our ghetto fabulous tennis shoes!
This weekend my baby boy turns 7. I let him invite HIS friends this year to his party and NOT mommy's friends. Between baseball, school, neighborhood and church ...he has a lot of friends. He is getting Rock Band and I am soo excited.
Closing time for summer may make me sad but it means...


...but who is counting?


Karen said...

I will miss lounging around with the kids but I love football season. Roll Tide!!!!

Tricia said...

Tell Tyler we said "Happy Birthday"... miss you friend!