Thursday, August 27, 2009

Plan B, no just A

I have started back to work at the Nook. Getting us motivated and all out the door is hard work. We will be getting kids back at the Nook in two weeks. I keep telling myself I can't be this tired yet...I don't even have the kids yet! Son is loving riding the public transportation to and from school. I wait for him and his buddy to get off the bus outside in the afternoons. I walked outside yesterday and saw this salamander. I being the good, raised on a farm, boy mommy, caught this slippery creature in a cup. It was a bigger hit them chocolate chip cookies for after school snack!

This is what happens when the kids get your camera...

This is my favorite...daughter so looks like the stinker she is!
There was your funny. Here is your serious. My brother-in-law's company was laying off workers this week. Some of who I know and love. I have had several people I know loose jobs during this economic time. It is a scary time for all of us. Well it could be...but this week I have been on a spiritual prayer journey. I have several friends on a mission trip in Brazil and husband and I are prayer partners for them. Needless to say God is speaking to me more then I thought He would while I prayed for someone else. How many times do we tell someone we will pray for them and don't do it? I have started doing it right when I am asked...right when I read that email...right when I think of that person. Because I am a mother of two small children, I forget my name sometimes! So this week I have been busy on my knees for others. Literally on my knees. Asking for Mercy. Asking for Grace. Asking for Peace. Asking for Plans. And what have I learned? I have watched God go before and prepare a way. Isn't it comforting to know HE goes before us? I was sharing with Friendy what all was going on with my friends and family and Friendy shared with me what someone shared with her. We will call her "wise one."

Wise one: You are not on plan B. You are still on plan A.

This just spoke to me so much and I pray it speaks to someone else. There is only Plan A. No matter what happens in life and how it may feel there is only God's plan A. He knew before we were ever born where that plan would take us. Don't ever feel like you are on plan B. Just the thought of Plan B can make a person feel like they have a right to blame someone. So many times in my own life I have said, "well if "blank" would not have done that, I would be doing this now and it is all "blank" fault." No there is only plan A. A plan that is perfect. A plan that if we saw all that God could see we would choose for ourselves.

I know that was a little serious for all my readers but aren't you glad I started out with creatures and pictures of kids?

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Tricia said...

A great and encouraging post Marsha!! It makes me miss my old next door neighbor tremendously... so glad God is speaking to you and teaching you things...