Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grand Fisher Price Theft

Scene of the crime: My neighborhood. My street.

I am not a big yard sale person. I mean, I have had a couple in my lifetime. I have even purchased a thing or to from one and I am not above a yard sale find. But today, I took it to a whole new level. A house about 1o up from me has had a Fisher Price Picnic table on the sidewalk/street for about 5 days. I have eyed it. I have slowed down for it. Last night on my way home from bible study with Karen we discussed how I should get the table before the rubbish collectors come for extra trash pickup. So this morning after dropping son off for school, I stop. I decide I like the table. It was in excellent condition. I load the soaking wet table into my car and ask daughter to hold on to it. I even left the hatch open on my car because it had to hang out. I drive very slowly down the street. I think I hear screaming in the background but I look in my rear view mirror and all I see is daughter holding on to the table. I get out of the car to unload my FREE FIND and there is a white car in my driveway with an angry man. This is how it went.
Man: Could you take my daughter's table back home that you just stole?
Me: I am sooo sorry. I thought it was out for trash pickup. I would have never.
Man: What steal my daughter's table?
Me: It was out by the rode for days. I almost got it last night. I am soo mortified.
Man: You should be. My daughter likes to draw in the road.
Me: I will take it right back.
Man: I know you will and I will follow you.
30 minutes later after this horrible event and after phone calls to wake all my friends and family to tell them of the accusations, I have to drive back down the road to go to work. Table in the location where I returned it and now sat the little girl I stole from. I pass by and she sticks her tongue out at me. Oh my. They think I was stealing a used, Fisher Price, wet, nasty, table from them.


Bre said...

This is one of my all time favorites!!!!!!

Jenny said...


Tricia said...

Oh Marsha! James would have brought that table home too! He got a bike from the neighbors trash once and we sold it for $35 at our consignment sale!!

klhcain said...

OMG I would have hives if that had happened.
They let her draw in the road???

Kristi said...

I never would have thought when I saw the table Saturday that there would be a story to it in 3 days with you involved. You should have taken Karen's advice Monday night and got the "Hot" table right after bible study- she could have been the accomplice. I bet Joey waits on your phone calls at work to see what you have gotten into next!

Amy Leigh said...

I am crying because I am laughing so hard. Co-workers are looking at me like I have gone mad. Real tears are streaming down my face.

Karen said...

I knew we should have "stolen it" at dark! The table is no longer there...hope they don't come knocking on your door. I did see the debris truck in your neighborhood today. Maybe they got it! What parent lets thier kid play that close to the street anyway!

Mommy of Three said...

This is absolutely hilarious!!! I wish someone had video taped this- like you got PUNK'D or something!