Friday, August 28, 2009

Dear Cosutme Express,

Halloween Costumes for Kids, Teens & Adults – Costume Express

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We at the Roach house love your Halloween magazine. We at the Roach house will flip through this magazine until it is in shreds. I being the Mommy Roach I am will eventually HAVE IT with the magazine and throw it away. I then will listen to cries for your magazines for another month. So Costume Express, how can you help? You can send me 2 magazines. I have 2 children. Currently we are fighting over who will sleep with magazine. We also fight over who will be who. Daughter would like brother, her and dog to match. Son wants no part in that but changes his mind every 5 minutes on what he wants. Daughter would like to buy the whole book and keep it in her dress up clothes. I am sure you will be the one thanking me for my business soon.

Thank you,
Mommy Roach

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