Monday, August 24, 2009

not MY child Monday

My children never embarrass me or tell my secrets out in public. My children are always well behaved and have the best manners. Well not really.

Daughter did not recently dress herself in pink shorts, a different color pink shirt, a different color pink AU hat and gray socks for a shopping trip. She would never have bad taste in outfits. She did not then sit in her ensemble of pink and watch 2 precious girls in dresses playing with makeup and jewelry look at me and say, "They are absolutely silly!" Nope not my child.

Son did not recently open the door to neighborhood friends and say, "my mom just cleaned so you have to stay outside!" Nope not my child.

Daughter did not recently announce in Target to a complete stranger that she could not have a baby brother because I am too old and I am out of the baby business. Nope not my child.

Son and daughter did not get in a Rock Band fight and beat each other with drum sticks in a violent manner. They would never hit each other out of anger and would never inflict blows that could possibly break bones. Nope not my children.

Son does not want to wear the same Target brand Under Armour shirt everyday to school. Son does not cry every morning when I tell him no. Nope not my child.


Karen said...

Sounds just like my house!

Bre said...

Love it.

Erica said...

I was so thankful to open your blog and not see that nasty pig man! :)