Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crazy Cake Lady and HOT Potato Salad

I was talking to friend and I remembered I had not shared something with my FANTASTIC readers. So there is a crazy cake lady at Publix. I have had countless encounters with crazies at the local Publix bakery but I keep going back. On the night before son's party, I went to pick up his cake. I was greeted by crazy cake lady...CCL.
CCL: Hope you an N G Neer.
Mommy Roach: OH!
CCL: Wees out of big boxes. U gonna haf to put this un together by uself.
Mommy Roach: Well let me take a picture of the one you have already put together so I can know what to do.
CCL: No that's ILL legal! Nobody is allowed to take photos of our cakes.
Mommy Roach: Well then find me a bigger box. But people take photos of I bet everyone of your cakes that you make. Every birthday party gets a picture of the cake. (I snap photo of cake with cell phone.)
CCL: (Yells at crazy cake man) She just snapped a photo of one of the cakes! (Yells at me) Give me your cell phone.
Mommy Roach: Thank you...(as I run from CCL)

So to you is a picture of your cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is one way to eat potato salad to me. HOT! I don't eat it cold. I don't eat it left over. It is fresh and hot or it is trash. I introduced husband to this when we got married and he is now a big fan. Recently I was feeding 10 adults for our HOME GROUP and I made a heap of HOT potato salad. Most had not eaten it hot...but you know the saying! Once you go hot you never go cold.
Peel, boil, cut and drain...

Then mix in MAYO (sister in law who hates it), regular mustard, a boiled egg or two, sweet midget pickles cut up, and salt and pepper...

Then mold it with a rubber spatula. Invite your friends over. Label your food. And have them make fun of you forever!


Bre said...

Laughing all over again at CCL.

Amy Leigh said...

I think CCL is a former client of mine. I am DEAD serious.

Karen said...

I LOVE potato salad hot & cold. YUM!!

Kristi W said...

I think I have seen CCL in for the potato salad....yuck for Hot or Cold....Terry would like it though! :)

Tricia said...

Oh Marsha, you always crack me up! The craziest stuff seems to happen to you! I do love hot potato salad, but I will still eat it cold...


Kelly M said...

You MUST submit the CCL story to! I was rolling with laughter!!