Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Party for the First Grader

What to do for a summer birthday? First invite Kevin Grice and let your mother make up stories and tell him! Of all the people to tell a story about me peeing in my pants (when I was 5!!!) my mother decides Kevin is perfect for the story. And so the party started off with a bang...

Second thing to do for a summer birthday party, have it at the neighborhood pool! Son invited his closet friends and loved getting to swim with everyone.

Daughter and her idol. Daughter had just as much fun as her brother.
The boys found a live frog. It provided the entertainment for swim time. How cute are these little boys?
The cake that was gone...
Happy Birthday to you.
Just a few friends. Notice Grandmother hanging with all the kids. After each party she calls me and tells me it was the best party.
Kaine Martin must claim this child.
Daughter's idol and is no relation to her daddy...well maybe since she throws deuces.
First Grader in 3 days.
Seven years ago God changed my life forever and made me a mother.
So thankful for the chance.

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