Monday, November 3, 2008

Weight Loss and Running with the Professional

The Food Nazi's are closing. I went in last Wednesday to weigh and their inventory was stacked to the roof. I was able to get all my inventory but probably will not be getting any refund. I would have gotten a huge refund for meeting my weight loss goals. I am completely bummed. The program has worked so well for me and I need the accountability of weighing in. I can still weigh in until November 19th and supposedly they are going to offer the program online. I doubt. One man came in yelling about them closing and no refund. The only employee left had had it! She yelled at him and said, "I am going to help my customers who have been doing the program. Not you. You are still fat. All you do is come and get the candy bars!" Food nazi's still not losing their touch. I wonder what they will do for their next job. I am sure yelling at people will not go over well with another human resource department. I found a website that said in training they learn, "the more they cry . . . the more they buy." Now I know. I pray I find another way to continue my success. I am starting to get my face back under all the weight.
Feeling a little down about the nazi's closing. I decided to go to the gym early Saturday morning to let off some steam. I had to stop at sister's before and I decided to beg her to run with me. I do not like the crowd at the gym on Saturday. It is creepy. Sister and Jen were going for pedicures and sister did not want to sweat. Brother-in-law finally gave into my whining and went with me. Well actually, I went with him. He promised to JOG and take me on his run route. If you know where they live, you will enjoy this. If not bear with me. We start out behind their house and through the woods to Nana Kent's. Then we were off on our jog down the gravel road to my dad's house. We ran up the hill the Region's bank, by the Post office (I apologize if you saw me) then down the new Kent Farms Commercial development all the way behind Publix and Starbucks. I thought we were going to jump a fence and get back on Fulton Springs Road. Brother-in-law said "no we turn around and go back." I believe I said an ugly word and started walking. My heart rate was 189. Brother-in-law ran on and then he would say now sprint. Sure. At this point I realized I was running with a professional athlete. He has played sports since he walked. He is a machine. He also spits while he runs. I don't know what that does for him but it must help with his breathing. Because he did not pant like me. We got back to his house and he ran in, I said, "I will be at my car getting water. If I don't come in, it is because I died." Sister and Jen can tell you how red I was and how I think my face was actually pulsating. Brother-in-law was just folding clothes, changing diapers and acting like he just walked to the mailbox or something.
I did learn 2 important lessons from the nazi's and brother-in-law.
1. No one can run your run for you. It is your run, your race. So much like life. You have to live it, no matter how hard or how easy, you have to go through it.
2. I think I found a bigger food nazi in brother-in-law, he might be my new mean personal trainer.
PS I am giving Brother-in-law a counter thing to figure out the distance of our run. I am thinking 3.5.


Karen said...

You have been so dedicated that I think you will do just fine without the nazi's!

Michelle said...

I wish I had taken your picture when you returned. You were bright red! But you asked for it. If you want to get your bootie whipped then you should keep running with him. He works out likes he's competing for a championship. He doesn't know the meaning of a light workout or run. I told you that you should have gone with me and Jen. Other than our water being hot in the pedicure chair we were quite comfortable.

Kristi said...

Too Funny. A picture of Scott running and you behind him would have been priceless. You know he wasn't going to take it easy on you.
Your much more strong willed than me- I would have opted for the pedicure instead of a marathon. Pretty toes are worth the sacrifice.

Bre said...

I told you that you and Michelle are just alike...LOL!!!