Saturday, November 1, 2008

Recap in Pics

I made the costumes for Bible Character night at AWANA. Daughter was Eve . . . snake and apple in hand. Son was Noah . . . hammer and animals in hand.
Carter, daughter's best friend and boyfriend, said he was Jesus. Their teacher said if daughter was Eve, Carter was Adam and she would succeed in taking him down.
Husband being a ROCK STAR in Awana leading the boys in round singing. Good times.
Cutest poodles on the block.
BATMAN . . .Dark knight. . . Are you scared?
Speechless but making rounds. This is the tooth fairy.
Nana Kent always with Twinkies and this year doughnut sticks.
The Real Nana and Grandmother. I am sure mother will be glad her real photo showed up.
Still rolling and trick or treating in the neighborhood. Notice Gingerbread Man. Son's school room mascot and his for the weekend!
Little Yoda pooped and still showing off his xray as daughter would say.
Daughter refusing to participate in pictures for Community Helper Day at school.

WOW. I am tired are you. I have never dressed them up so much in one month. Now on to turkey month.


Karen said...

Cute pictures! We all had so much fun! Trey had the best time with Yoda all to himself!

Kristi said...

Yoda is TOO cute. Marlee as the chef was great. Wednesday night, Bailey overheard some girls saying that Joey had said Hey to them and they were so excited. Bailey turned to me and said "I can talk to Joey anytime and he says alot more than just hey to me". I'm sure she wasn't bragging in the house of the Lord or anything. Aren't you lucky with the coolest and most popular husband? Poor Joseph.

Erica Cone said...

Very cute pictures! I love the one of Marlee and Yoda. It looks like your Halloween was busier than most people's Christmas.