Thursday, November 6, 2008

Team Roach

After my recent run with brother-in-law, my 3 miles at the gym and a BIG pep talk from my dear friend Jaclyn, I have entered the Jingle Bell Run 5k on December 6th. I am running under the assumption that these myths will help me:
1. It is a mental game not physical
2. With all the people and atmosphere of the race, I will be able to push through
3. There is only one slight hill in the race
4. Brother-in-law is my trainer
5. Husband is joining my team and running with me (Does it get more supportive than that?)
6. Our Team Name is TEAM ROACH

Check out our team page:

It is for the arthritis foundation so I will be running for my Grandmother who suffers from arthritis. I also will be running for myself. A year ago I could not have run a mile. My 30th year was about a new look, designer jeans, body falling apart, new friends, a renewed commitment to Jesus Christ and trying to remember who I was and what I wanted. 31 has been about trying to reclaim my body. I think this is how I will keep up my weight loss goals. . . by training for races. I know Jaclyn and Husband will not really run with me. You see, they are runners and I am a jogger. If you are a jogger and would like to join TEAM ROACH please sign up under our Team Page. The race is December 6, 2008. You may also make donations for the arthritis foundation under our name.:) I personally will be taking I-Tune donations for new songs to run to . . . Prince is getting old.
Wish me luck during my training over the next month.


Karen said...

Go Team Roach!

Bre said...

I am so proud of you! You have worked so hard and you need to do this for yourself!! Count me in for a donation this year and next year I will run with you. You have to give me than a months notice to work up to it!!

Michelle said...

I will not run with you because that is way too much exercise for me, it is outside (you know I hate the outdoors) and it might make me sweaty. But good luck! I'll support you through a donation.

Kristi said...

I will totally support you but not by running in the race. I am with Michelle about the too much exercise. I do enjoy the outdoors if it is the right temperature, I hate sweating. I could be at the finish line with some Whoppers and Cokes.

Joe said...

I like the itunes idea. You can count on me for monetary support but I probably won't be running a 5k any time soon. I will make Team Roach a goal for next year with Bre. Good luck!

Kristi said...

I overlooked the "My brother in law is my trainer" on your list.
I hope you make it through training :-)
Don't make sister mad or she will make training harder for you.

Karen said...

Can't believe I am going to run with you, or at least try to! I am sure you & Jaclyn will blow on by me but it will be fun! I need to update my ipod for sure now.

Tricia said...

Hey Girl
I may do that race too! I have tried to find it on line but couldn't, but now I will use your link! If I sign up I will let you know and we can run together!