Sunday, November 9, 2008

Party with the enemy

If you can't beat'em join'em. We ended up at sister's to watch the AL/LSU game.Me making up with the brother-in-law.
Jen and me always in need of a chaperon.
My favorite is daughter is trying to get me to go push her in the swing and Georgie is just waking up. And Millie is just joining the girls.
Yoda loving Millie. Can you imagine the puppies? I know Kristi would get one.
Game over, here comes ALLEN.
Bre and me. Poor Bre, set up a pack and play, drove around for Bentley to nap and had to swing every child at the party.
Bentley and Kristi supervising all the food the twins ingested.
No one watching and Shep had a fight with a cupcake. The cupcake won.
My name is Wynn. He doesn't know that the Southern Living consultant did not say you should stack the solo cups in the party cooler. Did anyone ever see Wynn leave the food table?
Sweet Georgie passed out early in the game. Sweetest child.
Daughter and Carter getting their grove on. They had so much fun dancing.


Karen said...

We had so much fun! Allen made it just in time for the party. Trey just looked at everyone trying to figure out what was going on. Madison wanted to know why the music was so loud. Mass chaos is an understatement, but it was fun! Going to rent a jumpy thing for the AL/AU party if weather permits! ROLL TIDE!!!!!

Kristi said...

I love the first picture of Karen in the background onlooking.
I was anxiously awaiting THE PICTURE of QB and his BFF. I am hoping you have something in mind for it. Or Joey talked you out of posting it. If that's the case, email it to me and it will be in "safe hands" :)

Michelle said...

I'm buying Marlee a pole for her birthday!

Daddy Roach said...

Not a fan of the pole comment.....