Monday, November 3, 2008


Husband has had several blogs written about him.

It is time we rally and force him to write a blog. He is NOW writing, "THE ROACH APPROACH." Check the link. He has had a good day today. He was actually excited because he and the guys in Celebration have started NO SHAVE NOVEMBER. Thanks to the great Micheal Stone. They discussed the terms of the contract on Sunday. If they shave before December 1st the kids get to throw a pie in their face. Speedy was roped in due to he too works in Celebration. Speedy took it to "the guys" today on his show. Not only did the Celebration guys get a shout out today but NO SHAVE NOVEMBER has taken over this radio show in Birmingham.
So check out this web page and see how not shaving has taken over the world this month.

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Amy Leigh said...

I heard them talking about that this morning! How funny!