Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy 85th Grandmother

I have been blessed in the grandparent department. I was 25 before I lost a grandparent to death. And I still have two grandmothers alive and both in good health and living independently. I call my maternal grandmother, "Grandmother." She calls herself Bess short for Bessie. She may be short and stature but she makes up for it in personality. I just want to share a few of her favorite things which make up why I love her so much.
1.Girl can dress: For as long as I can remember, she has been a dresser. Head to toe: she matched. Shoes and jewelry are her thing. She has a size 4 shoe size and she can wear a heel but loves a boot.
2. Girl can dance: She and my granddaddy were square dancers so I spent nights at her house cutting a rug. I can remember her and granddaddy twirling my sister and I around in the den floor.
3. Girl loves sports: She loves the Atlanta Braves. She is a devoted fan. If they are playing a late game, she will take a nap in the afternoon so she won't fall asleep during it! I have had to go to her house numerous times to find where the braves are when the cable company would change the channels.
4. Girl loves some candy: I have shared this story before but she is a sweet eater. Just ask daughter, she can show you all her hiding place for candy, snacks and little sweets.
5. Girl invented the to go bag: I have never been out to eat with her when she did not wrap the bread in a napkin and put it in her purse. Go to her house and you will find butter, jelly, ketchup, salt, pepper, etc from local food establishments.
6. Girl likes to have fun: Every childhood vacation she and granddaddy went on with us. She would play Uno with me forever and once let me brush her hair all the way to Disney World. She has a contagious laugh that can light up a room. Mother says she would never discipline Uncle Don because she couldn't stop laughing. One time, Uncle Don hung her up on a hook on a door to keep from getting in trouble.
7. Girl can tell a story: My favorite story that she tells of her childhood is when she and her friends went to her teacher's house at night. They turned over her teacher's outhouse! She also tells another story of walking the railroad tracks and smoking cigarettes but I won't tell that one!
8. Girl can love: She loves without condition. My children are as close to her as I was at there age. Anyone who has ever met her always tells me, "I love your grandmother." People that know her love her because she loves them. She still to this day will let me lay across her Craftmatic and cry with me and then give me a Dr.Pepper and chocolate. She always has treated me and my sister like we were her own. I never remember her ever disciplining me (although I am sure she did) but I always remember her loving me.
Friday night we went to a women's event at our church and 250 ladies sang Happy Birthday to My Grandmother. I am a very blessed girl. I only hope that this girl has some of that girl in her.

P.S. This is a picture of my real mother with clothes on.


Kristi said...

Your so gussied up! But I don't see slacks...
I don't have any grandparents left so your post made me miss my grandmothers. But is was very sweet.

Karen said...

That was such a sweet post! I saw her styling at church this morning. She looked so good! She reminds me of my grandmother. Tell her I said Happy Birthday!

Bre said...

So sweet!! I LOVE Bessie, she is adorable!! You didn't give enough on the sweets, that's my favorite!!

Mommy of Three said...

This is so sweet. I am in tears. My Granny died last October and I miss her so much! Enjoy every minute you have with her!!!