Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Ball and New Standards

Son has been paying Fall Ball. It is so laid back (depending on whose team you are on) and fun. We get to hang out with some of our favorite ballpark families and the boys all love it! Daughter even loves being back at the ballpark. Barefoot of course. Dora bat and ball in hand.
Son has been back on first and loved it. Although his baseball pants are a little short, a lot tight and shoes . . . well the shoes are sad. Husband and all his thriftiness said we were riding out the cleats until spring. Husband suggested we let him wear his black "Sunday socks" since they are thinner and thus allowing the cleats to go on easier. After the last game, we decided he must get new shoes. He limped off the field. He was in a size 13 and after a fitting on Saturday he now wears a 2!!!! How sad. Son was so excited Sunday about his new cleats. He said, "I know I am going to do good today with my new shoes!"
And guess what . . . He hit a HOME RUN.
Us girl friends have started a new bible study, Boundaries with Kids. After Chapter 1, I was convinced I was parenting more in the now then in the future. I still dress son. He is 6. Why? Because if I do not, this is the outcome.
Underarmour shirt on top of his jersey, pants undone and no underwear. I am a little stubborn. (Husband is peeing on himself because I said a little.) If I do it myself, it is faster, better and right. Then I get mad at daughter when she HAS to do things herself. She thinks she is faster, better and right. Son would get out of the tub, not dry off, and then sit and scream about how cold he was and how he can't do it himself. Is that a difference between boys and girls or first born and second born? Needless to say, I obviously need this new study. I will keep you posted on what I let go and what new standards I set.


Bre said...

HOW SAD about the shoes. Glad Joey broke down and let little roachie get some new cleats!!

Michelle said...

I think you should have let him dress as he wanted. It is hilarious to me that MG is as bull headed as you are and was at that age.

Mommy of Three said...

My hubby sounds alot like yours sometimes! I went and bought my oldest some new shoes and he didn't understand why - I tried explaining that their feet do grow pretty fast sometimes!

BTW - if you have the worksheet that your kids did at church on Sunday - there is a picture of children in a Sunday School classroom. The little girl toward the back of the kids think she looks like MG! And I had to agree. It's pretty neat.